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The Moth Double Sized Special (2004) comic books

  • Issue #1
    The Moth Double Sized Special (2004) 1

    STEVE RUDE (A/cover) and GARY MARTIN (W/I) FC, 56pg Ten time comic industry award winner Steve Rude (Nexus, Thor, Captain America), and writer/inker Gary Martin (The Art Of Comic Book Inking), deliver an action packed adventure that reminds us of what comics are all about! In The Moth, Dark Horse has allowed Steve Rude unrestricted creative freedom. And Rude has responded with some of the best work of his career! In this issue The Moth, who is living with a touring circus troop, finds himself in a battle for his very life, against a savage creature known as the Lionman of Botswana. If you're looking for outlaw bikers, circus clowns, African witch doctors, blood-thirsty monsters, and bearded ladies, then this story is for you! Cover price $4.95.