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Special Education (2006) comic books

  • Issue #1A
    Special Education (2006) 1A

    by David Dwonch What happens when a powerless teenage boy gets sent to a superhero high school? He gets sent to the remedial class, of course! Under the tutelage of the "reformed" evil mastermind Doctor Zero, Ed Warble and Co. learn just what it means to be heroes ? one misadventure at a time! 32pgs, FC Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Special Education (2006) 2

    by Dave Dwonch What would you do if the most popular girl in school invited you to her house party? If you're Ed Warble, the new kid at Justice High, you say yes of course, much to the chagrin of his love struck friend Mimi! All hell breaks loose at the party as "The Populars" come into conflict with Ed and his friends from the Remedial Class. All this, and the evil Baron Zima sets his nefarious plan into motion! 32pgs, FC Cover price $2.99.