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Max and Maurice (1871) comic books 1875

  • Issue #1875
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    "Max and Maurice: a Juvenile History in Seven Tricks" by Wilhelm Busch. Roberts Brothers, Boston. 1875 reprint. OVERSTREET NOTES: "56 pages of art and text in a transiitional format between a regular children's book and a comic book (the page count difference is ad pages in back). Seminal inspiration for William Randolph Hearst to acquire as a "new comic" (following the wild success of Outcault's Yellow Kid) to license M&M from Busch and hire Rudolph Dirks in late 1897 to create a New York American newspaper incarnation. In Hearst's English language newspapers it was called The Katzenjammer Kids and in his German language NYC newspaper it was titled Max and Moritz, Busch's original title...Translated from the 1865 Germain original."