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Dangers of a Large City (Circa 1920) comic books 1920

  • Issue #1
    Dangers of a Large City (Circa 1920) 1
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    The Dangers of A Large City or The System of The Underworld: Exposing The White Slave Traffic. From Preface: "Thousands of innocent young girls are trapped each year and sold like cattle to the highest bidders, and by promises of good positions, misrepresentation, cajolery, threats, fake marriages, coercion, persuasion, drugging, gentle means and brutal force, lured into a life of shame. They are guarded, watched, beaten, threatened, ruined, robbed and they are driven into an early age. Hundreds of fiends in the form of men are engaged in this form of work. They have their organizations, rules, prices, trade secrets, secret codes, and carry on their work in a businesslike manner. In this book we aim to tell the terrible story in plain English. It is not a literary effort but a book of plain facts." 32 Pages, B&W. Cover price $1.00.