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Justice Riders (1996) comic books 1938 or later

  • Issue #1
    Justice Riders (1996) 1

    Elseworlds. This Prestige one-shot sets the JLA in the Wild West where rich industrialist Maxwell Lord seeks to build the first cross-continental railway. In his way stands Paradise, a small town almost forgettable if not for its legendary sheriff, Diana Prince. The West's only lawwoman, Prince soon finds her town destroyed and sets out to stop the man-machine responsible: Lord Havoc! In her quest she enlists the help of a motley team of gunslingers: Kid Flash, the fastest gun in the West; Katar Johnson, Cheyenne shaman with a mystic wing-harness; Booster Gold, maverick gambler for hire; and Beetle, the wild-eyed inventor. Together they trek to Helldorado and the inevitable confrontation with Lord, meeting a slew of western versions of DCU heroes and villains. Written by Chuck Dixon. Art by J.H. Williams III and Mick Gray. Cover by John Van Fleet. FC, 64 pg. Prestige Format. Cover price $5.95.