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Justice Machine Annual (1983 Texas Comics) comic books 1938 or later

  • Issue #1
    Justice Machine Annual (1983 Texas Comics) 1

    Wrap around cover by Mike Golden and Mike Gustovich. "An Echo of Thunder." 43 pages. Story by Bill Loebs. Pencils by Bill Reinhold. Inks by Jeff Dee and Bill Anderson. How about that, an annual where the title group doesn't even appear on the cover. Fortunately they are inside, where they team up with the Thunder Agents as they endeavor to stop the Nazi Von Geist from using his army of super soldiers to take over the United Nations. This story continues plot elements from the Noble comics Justice Machine series. Sub plots were to be continued in Texas Comics Justice Machine #1. This issue was never published, but the material was eventually published in 1990 as the Justice Machine Summer Spectacular by Innovation. "The shape of things to come." 20 pages. Story and pencils by Bill Willingham. Inks by Bill Anderson. 1st appearance of The Elementals. Shapeshifter is tasked by her employer to find out everything she can about the new group The Elementals. And what better way to determine their abilities than to attack them! 64 pages. Full color. Cover price $2.95.