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All-Select Comics (1943) comic books 1946

  • Issue #10
    All-Select Comics (1943) 10
    • INCOMPLETE. Missing 3 interior wraps (affects art and story). Cover detached.

    Cover art by Alex Schomburg. Crime Takes a Cruise starring Captain America, art by Vince Alascia; Cap and Bucky are set to take a cruise on a boat whose skipper has been waylaid by crooks because they want to pick up their female boss from an island after she escaped the seaside penitentiary; After the seas become rough, Cap discovers the real skipper below decks which forces the hands of the criminals; Cap and Bucky defeat the thugs and turn the gang leader over to the penitentiary guards. A Message From the Dead starring the Human Torch, art by Al Bellman. Agency of Death starring the Destroyer, art by Ken Bald. An Unfortunate Ghost text story. Horror Island starring the Sub-Mariner, art by Carl Pfeufer. 52 pgs. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #11
    All-Select Comics (1943) 11

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    Cover art by Syd Shores. The Atom Spells Doom starring the Blonde Phantom, script by Stan Lee, pencils by Syd Shores, inks by Charles Nicholas; Mark Mason and B.P. foil the plans of Signor Korte who was out to steal atomic secrets. Murder At Midnight starring Mister Wu, pencils by Maurice del Bourgo, inks by Charles Nicholas. Unlucky Seven starring Miss America, pencils by Ken Bald, inks by Jack Binder. The Scarlet Scorpion starring the Blonde Phantom, pencils by Syd Shores and Ed Winiarski, inks by Ed Winiarski. 52 pgs. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.