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Nellie the Nurse (1945) comic books 1946

  • Issue #2
    Nellie the Nurse (1945) 2

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    Untitled story; Nellie, Speed, and Snazzy are thrown out of a fur coat store by its owner, I.J. Wolf, for not having enough money to shop there; Speed phones Wolf and insults him; But Wolf, a member of the board at the hospital, complains to Superintendent Dr. Simmons and demands they be fired. Untitled story; At Gracy's Department Store, Speed watches Nellie's nephew while she shops; When Speed is knocked out by accident, the baby goes for a ride in a store delivery van. Nellie the Nurse Puzzle Page. Untitled story; After getting in a brawl with a rival ambulance driver, Speed decides to build himself up using the "Charles Hatless" muscle program. "Dancing Dervish" text story. Untitled story; Cantankerous candy magnate Ivan Persimon changes his miserly ways after Snazzy introduces the kid hospital patients who love his lollipops. Untitled story; When Nellie, Snazzy, and Speed spend a vacation holiday with Nellie's hillbilly aunt and uncle, they help stop a chicken pox epidemic, deal with an ornery mule, and attend a boisterous barn dance. Untitled story; Nellie has a part in a play, and Speed and Snazzy try out for roles, feuding for her attention; But they team up to stop her newest beau, the production's leading man. Their on-stage shenanigans turn the drama into a hit comedy. 52 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.

  • Issue #3
    Nellie the Nurse (1945) 3
    • Cover detached.
  • Issue #4
    Nellie the Nurse (1945) 4
    • Paper: White
    • Label #998-AA-033