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Amazing Adventures (1970 2nd Series) UK Edition comic books 1975

  • Issue #28UK
    Amazing Adventures (1970 2nd Series) UK Edition 28UK

    UK edition. Identical to US edition, but has 8p cover price. Cover by Craig Russell. "The Death Merchant!", script by Don McGregor, art by Craig Russell; April 2019; Meig's Airfield, Chicago. M'Shulla fishes through the ice of Lake Michigan; He gets a bite, but the fish is a giant mutant salmon, and it bites him; Volcana Ash blasts it; M'Shulla goes to Carmilla Frost to have his wound dressed; She tells him that Grok is dying from internal bleeding; Meanwhile, Ash tells Killraven about her past; She and her sister, Meloney (or Melonie), were separated when the Martians attacked; Ash became a test subject in a laboratory, where radiation treatments gave her the power to control heat; She used that power to escape; Meloney became a breeder, one of thousands of Eves producing children for the Martians. Killraven tells her, "The Martians have acquired a taste for Earthlings!"; In Death-Birth, Eve 3,031 and Adam 3,031 face giving up their soon-to-be-born child to Atalon the Fear Master. Reprint back-up story: "Escape From Nowhere!" with art by Tony DiPreta. 36 pgs, full color.