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Batman Child of Dreams TPB (2003 DC) comic books 2002-2004

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Batman Child of Dreams TPB (2003 DC) 1-1ST

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    1st printing.

    Story and art by Kia Asamiya. Translated by Max Allan Collins. Painted cover by Kia Asamiya.

    When a crime spree takes the Dark Knight from the familiar turf of Gotham City across the globe to Tokyo, he finds himself locked in mortal combat with his greatest enemies...but are they really what they appear to be?

    This graphic novel presents famed manga creator and Uncanny X-Men artist Kia Asamiya's (Silent Moebius, Steam Detectives) uncompromising take on the World's Greatest Detective, first serialized in Japan and now collected in English in one mammoth hardcover volume! Originally presented over a year-long span in the pages of Kodansha's Magazine Z, CHILD OF DREAMS has been painstakingly adapted by acclaimed mystery novelist Max Allan Collins (ROAD TO PERDITION, BATMAN).

    The question at the heart of this story is whether Batman is truly at war with the familiar members of his Rogue's Gallery - The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face, The Penguin, and Catwoman - or if they're just bizarre simulations brought on by Fanatic, a new drug that's hit the mean streets of Gotham City. Batman soon learns that Fanatic turns would-be super-villains into facsimiles of the genuine article...with just one hitch: After a few hours, they melt down into mummified corpses!

    Now it's up to Batman to put a decisive stop to the chaos caused by Fanatic, even if the battle takes him to another continent! This is far more than just another Batman story; it represents an iconic figure transcending the international borders of comic-book style and finding a interpretation from a distinctly different cultural perspective!

    Softcover, 352 pages, B&W.

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