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Battle Girlz (2002) comic books 2002-2004

  • Issue #1
    Battle Girlz (2002) 1

    by Rod Espinosa Yunna used to be one of the best child mecha pilots in the universe, but the UEG replaced her with a faster android pilot. The young mech pilot, however, is in for more than she realizes: for Arlan sits at the edge of the universe, and enemy alien attacks are all too common there! A new series by the creator of The Courageous Princess, Rod Espinosa, Battle Girlz is a story of a team of Supreme Heroines from different backgrounds ? Expert Mech Girl, Super Mighty Girl, Powerful Priestess, Nerdy Gadgeteer and Seductive Temptress ? gathered together by a legendary goddess to live in her strange mansion and to fight evil across the universe and beyond. b&w, 24pg Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Battle Girlz (2002) 2

    by Rod Espinosa Yunna, a newly retired mech pilot who lost her job to faster androids, has just come to Planet Arlan from the center of the universe. Out here on the edge, things are different. Mighty Girl and Temptress introduce Yunna to the wonderful world of Arlan. They shop and eat, where they introduce Yunna to fine Darem cuisine. Naturally, their sworn enemy Geneszorr, hurting from his defeat the day before, has to spoil things by sending two of his minions to ambush the three warrior girls as they frolic in the Arlan Mall. What follows is an action-packed battle fully joined as Yunna dons her first mech suit and Temptress reveals her powers ? along with a lot of herself ? for the first time! To top it all off, the mighty leader of the Battle Girlz, Miss Saintly Perfect Goddess herself, shows up in grand style! b&w, 24pg $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    Battle Girlz (2002) 3

    by Rod Espinosa Ever since Yunna immigrated to Arlan and became the newest member of the Imperial Security Force (ISF), she's definitely been finding out that she's signed on for more than she expected! It's training day at the mansion, and Yunna's in for a whole new batch of surprises! She starts off discovering more about her new team while exploring the mansion alone. Then, after a day on the training field, struggling to keep up with the others and hold her own, Yunna follows a mysterious new girl and discovers that there are more members to the ISF than she'd thought! b&w, 32pg $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    Battle Girlz (2002) 4

    by Rod Espinosa The Battle is on! Geneszorr, the last of the supertyrants, has taken over Arlan's neighboring planet, Gallia. Accompanied by a mercenary army, he razes an entire continent to the ground. When the galactic celebrity power heroes respond to the call, they are met with deadly force, and Geneszorr wipes them all out! Arlan and its Special Imperial Security (aka the "Battle Girlz") are all that's left between the supertyrant and total victory! The Battle Girlz finally meet their real adversary as Sasa Rai leads them to battle! Plus we meet the members of Battle Girlz "Team B"?aptly called the Black Works team! Faces both new and familiar will emerge as Yunna discovers that the Goddess has more than one group of Battle Girlz in reserve! b&w, 32pg $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #5
    Battle Girlz (2002) 5

    by Rod Espinosa AP Core Title! The fighting heats up as the Battle Girlz, led by the Saintly Perfect Goddess Sasa Rai, land at Gallia to face the onslaught of Geneszorr. As the crucial moment nears, the arena has been cleaned of all other distractions, thanks to Geneszorr baiting the Galactic Defenders of Justice. In the aftermath of a complete rout of the forces of the UEG and with Arlish authorities refusing to directly intervene in the conflict, all that stands between Geneszorr and his diabolic plans are the Battle Girlz and their leader, Sasa Rai! b&w, 32pg $2.99 Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #6
    Battle Girlz (2002) 6

    by Rod Espinoza FINAL ISSUE! Geneszorr's forces are in full retreat! Defeated on the now-destroyed planet Gallia, his armies withdraw in full disarray. The Battle Girlz of Sasa Rai have won! Or have they? Does Geneszorr have one last card to play, or was this his plan all along? Secretly entering Arlan at the end of his strategic retreat, Geneszorr prepares to unleash his full plot upon the planet and its ruler. But Queen Astrenacci takes action together with Sasa Rai, Bryn and the Battle Girlz, and they all gather at Arlan to stop Geneszorr before he unleashes his plans on the unsuspecting world?but do those plans reach even further than just the destruction of Arlan? Plans upon plans, subterfuge upon subterfuge... the layers of secrecy and scheming are finally revealed as both sides clash in one final battle. b&w, 32pg $2.99 Cover price $2.99.