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Red Star (2002 2nd Series) comic books 2002-2004

  • Issue #1
    Red Star (2002 2nd Series) 1

    by Christian Gossett and Bradley Kayl; Digital paint by Snakebite Team Red Star, nominated for Five Eisner Awards in two years for their groundbreaking action series The Red Star, re- launches the hit series from their new home: CG Entertainment! There's no better time than now, and no better place than this all-new CGE first issue, to jump aboard the pulse-pounding adventures. Join the Heroes of The Red Star in this new adventure, a quest to wage war upon Archangel: Prison of Souls, and to liberate Captain Marcus Antares ? the one man with the power to put an end to thousands of years of conflict. The Red Star introduced readers around the globe to a bold new world of comics' action; a world of endless war fought with brutal weapons and powerful sorcery. That action kicks into overdrive with the launch of this second volume of stories. The Red Star's graphic style has influenced the entire industry. When it began in June 2000, no other computer-generated comics series was in production... anywhere. Since its success, though there have been many imitators, The Red Star stands alone. Cover price $2.95.

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    $4 The Red Star - #1 - Archangel Studios - CrossGen - 2003 - VF/NM
    4 days left Auction The Red Star Vol.2 #1: Storm of Souls - Archangel Studios CGE Feb.2003 VF/NM
    4 days left Auction Red Star, The (Vol. 2) #1 VF/NM; CrossGen | Archangel Studios

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  • Issue #2
    Red Star (2002 2nd Series) 2

    Written by Christian Gossett and Bradley Kayl, art by Christian Gossett, colors by Snakebite. In this Epic Saga of brutal warfare, where Militarized Sorcery has created armies of unimaginable power, the Heroes of The Red Star struggle against an ancient evil to free their people and bring justice to their world. Confrontation on an epic scale! The heroes of The Red Star, lost aboard their skyship in a raging storm, fight to the death against the superior forces of The Red Fleet. Join Skymarshall Urik Antares and his loyal crew as they make war upon a prison of souls! Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #3
    Red Star (2002 2nd Series) 3

    by Christian Gossett, Bradley Kayl, Snakebite, & Paul Schrier The return of Marcus Antares! For ten years he has wandered alone in the spirit realm, a Knight trapped in hell, fighting to keep his soul. Meanwhile, fighting for their lives against Skymarshall Volkov, the crew of the Konstantinov will have only one chance to save themselves and their world. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    Red Star (2002 2nd Series) 4

    by Christian Gossett with Bradley Kayl; Digital Paint by Snakebite, 3D graphics by Paul Schrier Kyuzo versus Zero in a duel to the death! The "Prison of Souls" story arc continues as the battle against the Taktarov has been won, for now. But the Heroes of The Red Star are still lost in the Storm of Souls, and a new enemy stands in their way. Hidden in the deep maze-like tunnels of their massive Skyfurnace, the deadliest assassin ever trained by Central Command is wreaking havoc. He is one of an elite Corps of Assassins, codename: Zero, and his mission is to destroy the Konstantinov at all costs. Only one man can save the ship ? Maya's personal guardsman, Kyuzo. He and Zero will clash in a duel of high-paced fury and brutal action as only Team Red Star can bring! Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #5
    Red Star (2002 2nd Series) 5

    by Christian Gossett, Snakebite, & Schrier KYUZO VERSUS ZERO IN A DUEL TO THE DEATH: Part 2 (of 2)?The "Prison of Souls" story arc continues! Zero the Assassin has left a trail of death behind him in his attempts to destroy the Konstantinov. If Maya's personal guardsman Kyuzo cannot defeat Zero in battle, all will soon be lost, and the people of the world will never be free of the murderous and evil tyrants who have enslaved them. Meanwhile, in the Spirit Realm, the climactic final battle-lines are being drawn as Marcus Antares almost reaches Archangel, Prison of Souls... the Rendezvous point from which he might be able to escape his long imprisonment. Wraparound cover. FC, 32pg $2.99 Cover price $2.99.