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Poison Elves Hyena (2004) comic books 2002-2004

  • Issue #1
    Poison Elves Hyena (2004) 1

    by Keith Davidsen & Scott Lewis. She's the deadliest woman in all of Amrahly'nn... and the only woman ever to tame the rogue elf, Lusiphur. She's Hyena, the seductive sorceress with power enough to raze the planet. But in the wake of her devastating fallout with the wizard Tenth, she's alone, vulnerable... and hunted by an army of marauding demons! What terrible plans do they have for our sexy witch? Brought to you with Drew Hayes' blessing by the creative team of Keith Davidsen (Poison Elves Encyclopedia) and renowned pin-up and cover artist Scott Lewis (Poison Elves: Killer Curves, Temptress, Black Angels). MATURE READERS b&w, 24pg (1 of 4)$2.95 Cover price $2.95.

  • Issue #2
    Poison Elves Hyena (2004) 2

    by Keith Davidsen & Scott Lewis. No one steals from Hyena without paying in blood! Barely surviving a demonic army's assault, Hyena and Quinn track their wretched enemies to their lair, determined to exact revenge on their elusive master. But nothing can prepare our heroes for this new hunting ground: a formal dinner party, attended by the vilest creatures in existence! MATURE THEMES (2 of 4), 32pgs, B&WSRP: $2.95 Cover price $2.95.