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Battle of the Planets Witchblade (2003) comic books 2002-2004

  • Issue #1
    Battle of the Planets Witchblade (2003) 1

    (W) Munier Sharrieff (P) Joe Chen (c) Shane Law and Udon Studios. Separated from the rest of the G-Force team while on a routine reconnaissance mission, Princess finds herself trapped inside a Spectran base that is conducting horrific experiments on an enslaved populace-the worst of which is the testing of a strange new weapon upon human guinea pigs. Zoltar believes this weapon to be immensely powerful, but only upon the proper wielder. That weapon is the Witchblade. And you can probably guess who the wielder will be... FC, 48pg $5.99 Prestige Format Special Cover price $5.95.