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Escapist (2004) comic books 2003-2005

  • Issue #1
    Escapist (2004) 1

    ESCAPIST #1 MICHAEL CHABON, HOWARD CHAYKIN, KEVIN MCCARTHY, ERIC WIGHT, and others... On sale December 17, FC, 80pg, Leaping onto center stage from the wings of comics history comes that dazzling Master of Elusion, foe of tyranny, and champion of liberation?the Escapist. Operating from a secret headquarters under the boards of the Empire Theater, the Escapist and his crack team of associates roam the globe performing amazing feats of magic and coming to the aid of all those who languish in the chains of oppression. The history of the Escapist's creators, Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay was recently chronicled in Michael Chabon's Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. Now the best of the Escapist's adventures are collected into a giant 80-page anthology for all to enjoy. Don't miss out on this thrilling first issue of the quarterly anthology Michael Chabon Presents...The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist, featuring an original story penned by Michael Chabon as well as the first new story in seven years written and drawn by comics creator Howard Chaykin! Cover price $8.95.

  • Issue #2
    Escapist (2004) 2

    ESCAPIST #2 KEVIN MCCARTHY, SCOTT MORSE, TONY TAMAI, MIKE BARON and others JAE LEE (cover) On sale March 3, FC, 80pg, $8.95 Foes of freedom beware! The Escapist has returned! Join the Master of Elusion in adventure filled tales of hope and liberation in Michael Chabon Presents...The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist #2. You'll be on the edge of you seat as the Escapist ventures behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany to hunt down a German physicist on the verge of turning the tide of World War II! You'll gasp in fear as our hero battles a demonic horde in an Escapist tale from Japan! Cover price $8.95.

  • Issue #3
    Escapist (2004) 3

    ESCAPIST #3 BRIAN K. VAUGHAN (W), MARV WOLFMAN (W), KEVIN McCARTHY (W), ROGER PETERSEN (A), JOE STATON (A), DEAN HASPIEL (A), BOB SIKORYAK (A), MIKE MIGNOLA (Cover), and more. SC, 80pg FC, 7"x10", $8.95 In this third issue, critically acclaimed writer Brian Vaughan (Y?The Last Man) pens the captivating story, "To Reign in Hell," told in classic 1940s style, and former Swamp Thing artist Roger Petersen richly illustrates this spotlight on Big Al. Marv Wolfman writes "Heil and Fear Well," a story in the infamous EC horror style With art by veteran cartoonist Joe Staton and indie stalwart Bob Sikoryak, this tale of nefarious post-war Nazis shocks and chills. Finally, the mysterious powers of Luna Moth may be up for grabs ... is our favorite mild-mannered librarian worthy of them? Kevin McCarthy and Dean Haspiel serve up a tribute to Jack Kirby's 1960s Marvel work in "The Trial of Judy Dark." Don't miss out on this thrilling third issue of the (now back on schedule!) quarterly anthology Michael Chabon Presents The Amazing Adventures of The Escapist, edited by the dynamic duo of Schutz and Chabon! ? Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart re-create the original Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay cover to Amazing Midget Radio Comics #1. Cover price $8.95.

  • Issue #4
    Escapist (2004) 4

    STUART MOORE (W), KEVIN McCARTHY (W), ROY THOMAS (W), MATT KINDT (W/A), SCOTT MORSE (A), STEVE CONLEY (A), and more. JOHN CASSADAY (Cover) On sale October 13, SC, 80pg, FC, 7"x10", $8.95 The Champion of Liberation triumphantly reappears at center stage! This classic character and his web of intriguing associates have been foiling diabolical evildoers since 1940, and in dozens of different "captivating" incarnations. The Master of Elusion, empowered by popular interest in Michael Chabon's Pulitzer-winning account of his creators, has evaded the shackles of history! In our fourth fabulous issue, writer Stuart Moore (Lone) teams up with Astounding Space Thrills creator Steve Conley to present a glimpse of the future in "Escapist 3966"! Indie favorite Scott Morse beautifully illustrates Kevin McCarthy's story, "The Boy Who Would Be the Escapist," and Matt Kindt, creator of the critically celebrated Mephisto and Pistolwhip, shares the find of the decade with faithful fans: "Chain Reaction," a long-lost Escapist story that should never have existed! Also included for our lifelong enthusiasts and comics history buffs are the fascinating reflections of Roy Thomas, veteran comics scribe, on the Silver Age glory days of the Escapist. ? Featuring cover art by the phenomenal John Cassaday! Cover price $8.95.

  • Issue #5
    Escapist (2004) 5

    HOWARD CHAYKIN (W), KEVIN McCARTHY (W), ROY THOMAS (W), JASON HALL (W), ERIC WIGHT (A), PAUL GRIST (W/A), JEFFREY BROWN (W/A), DAVID HAHN (A), SHAWN MARTINBROUGH (A), MATT WAGNER (Cover), and more On sale January 12, SC, 80pg, FC, 7"x10", $8.95 The blue-suited Escapist is back in the limelight! Howard Chaykin (American Flagg) and David Hahn (Bite Club, Private Beach) team up for "Siren Song," wherein a mesmerizing saxophone player forces her listeners to commit dastardly deeds! Writer Kevin McCarthy and artist Shawn Martinbrough (Detective) present "The Death of the Escapist," with our favorite hero caught by a totalitarian despot. The dictator will crush his citizens' aspirations for freedom?starting with the Escapist! Jason Hall, of Creeper and Pistolwhip fame, writes the polemic "The Final Curtain"? featuring the return of artist Eric Wight, winner of the 2004 Russ Manning Award! Also in this issue, the Master of Elusion takes on the Physician of Illusion?Doc Hypnosis!?in a story written and drawn by Paul Grist (Kane, Jack Staff), and veteran comics scribe Roy Thomas returns with more Escapist lore of the 1960s. Last but not least, a very special story written and drawn by alternative comics wunderkind, Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy, Unlikely)! ? Featuring painted cover art by Batman artist and Grendel creator Matt Wagner! Cover price $8.95.

  • Issue #6
    Escapist (2004) 6

    ESCAPIST #6 WILL EISNER (W/A), THOMAS YEATES (A), CHRIS OFFUTT (W), STEVEN GRANT (W), HOWARD CHAYKIN (W/A), JASON (W/A), DAN BEST (W), EDDIE CAMPBELL (W/A), and NORM BREYFOGLE (A) On sale April 13, FC, 80pg, $8.95 In these pages, the Spirit meets the Escapist! That's right?legendary comics godfather Will Eisner returns to his world-famous creation for a meeting that neither WWII-era hero will soon forget. This is the first new Spirit story both written and drawn by Eisner to see print in decades! Also in this issue is the comics writing debut of Lannan and Whiting award winner Chris Offutt! Thomas Yeates (Conan) lushly illustrates this celebrated author's tale of the Escapist in Vietnam. Dan Best and Eddie Campbell (From Hell) present a fully-painted story of the Empire City 1939 World's Fair, and Howard Chaykin (American Flagg!) returns to concoct "Liberators," a fact-based tale of art looted by the Nazis, set in 1945 Paris! Norwegian indy cartoonist JASON contributes an Escapist spoof, and Steven Grant and Norm Breyfogle proffer the first Weird Date story of the anthology! One of the myriad classic titles created by Kavalier & Clay, Weird Date featured mixes of classic Alex Toth romance comics and outrageous Jack Cole crime comics of the sort that put Dr. Freddie Wertham's undies in a twist! ? Cover art by living legend Will Eisner features two of his most famous characters: the Spirit and Ellen Dolan! Cover price $8.95.

  • Issue #7
    Escapist (2004) 7

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    ESCAPIST #7 MICHAEL CHABON (W), EDUARDO BARRETO (A), PAUL HORNSCHEMEIER (C), and BRIAN BOLLAND (Cover) On sale July 13, FC, 80pg,, $8.95. This very special seventh issue of The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist features...no Escapist whatsoever! Instead, Pulitzer-winning author Michael Chabon takes over the entire issue with a sensational story introducing the mysterious Mr. Machine Gun, a character torn straight from the pages of Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. Legendary duo Kavalier and Clay created scads of fascinating characters, and Mr. Machine Gun was one of the best. A former guinea pig of Nazi bioexperimentation, the WWII hero turned to a postwar career in politics. Now, dealing with an intensely personal tragedy, Senator "Ben Vanderslice" struggles to once more gain control over his murderous right hand! With Chabon aided by artist Eduardo Barreto (Batman, Aliens vs. Predator), you'll swear that you're reading the original Sunshine Comics edition?now an impossible find! Who is this classic character that inspired a runaway issue-length tale from a Pulitzer winner? Find out in this snub-nosed and smoking seventh installment of the popular quarterly anthology! Cover price $8.95.

  • Issue #8
    Escapist (2004) 8

    BRIAN K. VAUGHAN (W), HARVEY PEKAR (W), JEFF PARKER (W/A), ANDI WATSON (W/A), PHILIP BOND (A), DEAN HASPIEL (A), EDUARDO BARRETO (A), and BRIAN BOLLAND (Cover). From off the streets of Cleveland comes fan-favorite writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways) and critically acclaimed artists Philip Bond (Vinarama, Vertigo Pop) and Eduardo Barreto (Mr. Machine Gunl) to kick off the anthology's first multi-part story! Meet Maxwell Roth and Case Weaver, latter-day versions of Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay, as they set out to make the Master of Elusion a sensation once again in 'The Escapists'! Next, on his way home from an extended stay at a Cleveland hospital, our man Harvey Pekar encounters...The Escapist?! The team-up you thought you'd never see, illustrated by Dean Haspiel (The Quitter). Also in this issue, award-winning creator Andi Watson (Skeleton Key, Geisha) and Eisner Award nominated Jeff Parker (The Interman)! With cover art by Brian Bolland, you won't want to miss this eclectic eighth installment of the multiple award-winning quarterly anthology! · Harvey Award and Eisner Award-winner, Best Anthology! · Harvey Award-winner, Best New Series! Cover price $8.95.