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Fierce (2004) comic books 2003-2005

  • Issue #1
    Fierce (2004) 1
    Published Jul 2004 by Dark Horse.

    JEREMY LOVE (W), ROBERT LOVE (P), and JEFF WASSON (I) On sale June 9, FC, 32pg, $2.99 A powerful crime syndicate wants him dead. The FBI wants him behind bars. Jonathan Fierce, psychic profiler for the FBI, is on the run and his only allies are the voices of his slain comrades, the elite strike force known as the Razor. Channeling the special abilities of his former teammates, he will descend into the depths of the Jamaican underworld on a mission of redemption and vengeance. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #2
    Fierce (2004) 2
    Published Aug 2004 by Dark Horse.

    JEREMY LOVE (W), ROBERT LOVE (P), and JEFF WASSON (I) On sale June 9, FC, 32pg, $2.99 Jonathan Fierce, a profiler for the FBI gifted with psychic abilities, failed to stop an explosion which has just killed his team of fellow agents, the only real family he's ever had. The FBI wants to charge him with the crime. Now Fierce is hunted by the Feds and on the run from the crime syndicate that killed his team. Miraculously, Fierce can hear the voices of his slain teammates, giving him the skills and abilities to become a one man strike force. Now he's going deep under cover into the Jamaican underworld to strike at the heart of the syndicate and uncover the facts behind the conspiracy against him. Jeremy and Robert Love, the creative force behind Gettosake Entertainment and the masterminds who brought comics fans Midnight Mover, now bring you the slickest, most stylish and suspenseful action thriller on stands today. Fast-paced movie-style action, with elements of superheroics. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #3
    Fierce (2004) 3
    Published Sep 2004 by Dark Horse.

    Fast-paced, movie-style action, with elements of superheroics. JEREMY LOVE (W), ROBERT LOVE (P), and JEFF WASSON (I) On sale October 3, FC, 32pg, $2.99 When the FBI recruited Jonathan Fierce, he was a gifted psychic. After a powerful crime syndicate frames him for the murders of his team of operatives, he becomes much more than he ever imagined... This summer, you won't have to stand in line at your local multiplex for the excitement and intensity of an big-budget action thriller. All you've got to do is take a trip down to your comics shop. Fierce packs all the elements of a big-budget summer blockbuster into thirty-two pages! Don't miss the most intense issue of Fierce yet, when Fierce takes on the syndicate, the FBI, and the demons of his past! . Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #4
    Fierce (2004) 4
    Published Dec 2004 by Dark Horse.

    The FBI's most powerful weapon is the mind of one man. JEREMY LOVE (W), ROBERT LOVE (P), JEFF WASSON (I), CHIP ZDARSKY (C) On sale October 13, FC, 32pg, $2.99 He's badly wounded. One of his allies has betrayed him. Now, the FBI is closing in, the Zodiacs have him on the run, and the only woman he can trust has been captured. Past events come full circle and the stage is set for the final showdown in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica. From rising stars Jeremy and Robert Love, it's 48 pages of all out action in the conclusion of the most stylish and suspenseful thriller on the stands today. ? See gettosake.com for more info on the Love Brothers' future and current projects. Cover price $3.99.