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Awakening (2007 Archaia Studios) comic books 2007

  • Issue #1
    Awakening (2007 Archaia Studios) 1

    by Nick Tapalansky & Alex Eckman-Lawn A series of missing-persons and gruesome murders has begun to unfold in the city of Park Falls. Derrick Peters, a former member of the Park Falls Police Department, receives a visit from Cynthia Ford one January afternoon. Cynthia, well known as the town crazy, seems to have finally lost her mind. She claims to have information about the murders, but does she hold the key to unlocking the mystery or has she truly gone insane? Derrick Peters isn't sure what to think when he hears her utter one word in explanation of what's going on in town: Zombies. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #2
    Awakening (2007 Archaia Studios) 2

    by Nick Tapalansky & Alex Eckman-Lawn As seemingly random attacks, disappearances, and murders escalate in Park Falls, Derrick Peters moves forward with his investigation of Cline Pharmaceuticals' mysterious closing. Derrick's search of the abandoned facility may just cost him his life! Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Howe seeks answers from the most recent attack: could there be more than one killer on the loose? This latest attack's survivor, Sandra Lafayette, might have the answers. Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #3
    Awakening (2007 Archaia Studios) 3

    by Nick Tapalansky & Alex Eckman-Lawn With definitive proof that something terrible is happening in Park Falls, Daniel investigates the body that was recovered while Derrick seeks out the patients listed in the file found at Cline Pharmaceutical. Does the mysterious company have anything to do with what's happening? As the search for answers continues, Cynthia pursues avenues of her own to bring forward the people she believes are responsible. Cover price $3.50.