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Bury Elminster Deep HC (2011 A Sage of Shadowdale Novel) comic books 2010-2012

  • Issue #1-1ST
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    1st printing. By Ed Greenwood. Elminster's archenemy, the vampiric Lord Manshoon, thinks he has destroyed Elminster at last. But Elminster survives in the form of magical ash, and with the help of his scion and the vestige of the long-dead goddess of magic, he still has a chance to counter Manshoon's insidious plots. Mystra is back! Her absence nearly broke Elminster, leaving him vulnerable to scores of enemies, forcing him to take shelter in the form of magical ash to stay alive. "Goddess, Command Me." Mystra has charged Elminster to preserve magic wherever and whenever he can. He must be her Silent Shadow once again to steal and copy magic so that her Art will survive. He will recruit new Chosen, and rally Cormyrs wizards of war. These are his holy orders. "Lady, I will." Elminsters archenemy thinks he has destroyed Elminster. But the sage has survived to counter Lord Manshoons insidious plots and carry out Mystras plan. Rise from the ashes, Elminster—go forth, Champion of the Realms! Softcover, 4-in. x 7-in., 352 pages, Text Only. Cover price $25.95.