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    Gangsters and Gun Molls (1951) 1 VG 4.0

    Extra staples (manufacturing). Staple rust.

    Starts Apr 4

    Art by Wally Wood, Leonard Starr, Ed Waldman and Howard Larsen. Stories about mobsters and the women who love them, with a special focus on women who were notorious criminals in their own right. No mere gun moll, redheaded Evelyn Ellis builds her gang of hoods into a ruthless mob; The violent rise and fall of Big Jim Colosimo, leader of the Chicago Outfit; Gangster Sandy Quirk decides to take over a dance studio. Featuring a painted cover reprinted from Avon paperback #292. Evelyn Ellis—Queen of the Gangsters!; King of the Convicts!; Big Jim Colosimo; Sandy Quirk Trips the Light Fantastic. 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.

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    Prison Break! (1951) 1

    Prison Break! (1951) 1 Coverless 0.3

    Starts Feb 14

    Art by Wally Wood, Joe Kubert, Louis Ravielli, and Mike Roy. Cover by Wally Wood. Lurid pre-Code tales about escaped cons, bank robbers and other bad guys and gals from the golden age of crime. Convicts plan a prison break, based on the real-life Canon City breakout in December 1947; The true stories of 1920s gangster Dutch Anderson and his protege Gerald Chapman, the first Public Enemy Number One; Escaped convicts leave a trail of violence across Arkansas. Also featuring a typically great contents page illustrated by Wally Wood on the inside front cover. Action-packed cover by Wally Wood. Canon City Jailbreak!; Blood On Arkansas!; The Plunderer!; Blackmail Beauty! 36 pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.10.