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Almost Dead comic books issue 6

  • Issue #6A
    Almost Dead (2023 Ablaze) 6A

    Pre-publication image; subject to change
    Published by Ablaze.

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    (W) Galaxy (A) Rodrigo Zayas (CA) Sajad Shah After recovering from a showdown that nearly cost the group their lives, Sara wastes no time on rest and pushes onwards toward the big city. When they encounter another tragic ordeal, a young woman on the brink of death joins their party, though an open wound necessitates medical treatment. Fortunately, the collective stumbles upon a pristine, operational clinic…with no one in sight. Wary of trusting a situation that's too good to be true, the group splits up to survey the interior. When a rendezvous finds a few of their number missing, they must face the dreadful possibilities… Cover price $3.99.