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Cable 1st series comic books issue 75

  • Issue #75
    Cable (1993 1st Series) 75

    Joe Pruett/Rob Liefeld/Larry Stucker APOCALYPSE: THE TWELVE?Part 2. The double-sized 75th spectacular delivers the war you've been waiting for: Cable vs. Apocalypse! Their conflict has been destined for millennia. The one called En Sabah Nur has watched and manipulated events that will ensure his ultimate ascension. One by one, the prophecies and portents have been fulfilled: Ice in the desert... the world plunged into darkness... the Harbinger of the High Lord. Now, he has his greatest enemy at his mercy. What will be the final chronicle writ in stone? Will it be the defeat of Apocalypse... or the sacrifice of Cable?! For years we've been building to this moment... and this issue delivers the final battle! ? THE FORMAT: 48 pages, with ads. FC, 48pg" Cover price $2.99.