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Little Lulu comic books issue 45

  • Issue #45
    Little Lulu (1948 Dell/Gold Key) 45

    Cover art by Irving Tripp. The Case of the Exploding Cigar; Lulu wants Tubby to find out who gave her pop a cigar that exploded in his face. The Contest; Lulu and Tubby eat everything out of each other's refrigerators. The Magic Wand; Wilbur pretends to have a magic wand that makes Lulu disappear. That Awful Witch, Hazel, Again; Lulu tells Alvin about when Hazel turned her into a water pipe. Cousin Jefferson; Tubby's cousin Jefferson steals Tub's clothes at the lake. All scripts by John Stanley, art by Irving Tripp. Two-page text story, Lulus Diry ("Diary"). 36 pgs. $0.10. Cover price $0.10.