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Marvel Comics Presents comic books issue 83

  • Issue #83
    Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 83
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    • Paper: White
    • Label #3860779019

    Weapon X (Chapter 11). Wolverine by Barry Windsor-Smith (script, cover, and art); Firestar in "Life During War Time - Part 2: Things Fall Apart" by Marie Javins & Marcus McLaurin (script) & Dwayne Turner (art); Hawkeye in "The Distance" by Fabian Nicieza (script) & John Stanisci (art); Human Torch (Fantastic Four) in "The atchstick and the Moth" by Erik Larsen (script & inks) & Steve Ditko (plot & art); Cross, Fitch, Freedom Force (Mystique, Spiral, Avalanche) appearance. Cover price $1.25.