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Marvel Mystery Comics comic books issue 9

  • Issue #9
    Marvel Mystery Comics (1939) 9

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    Cover art by Bill Everett (pencils) and Alex Schomburg (inks).

    The Human Torch Versus the Sub-Mariner: The Battle of the Comic Century!, script by Bill Everett, Carl Burgos, and John Compton, pencils by Bill Everett and Carl Burgos (signed); Embittered when the Police Commissioner calls Torch afraid for not bringing in the Sub-Mariner as he promised, the Torch and Betty track down Namor and a battle royal begins that ends with the Fiery Fury being captured by Namor in an airless glass tube.

    Mystery Comics #3 and Daring Mystery Comics #5 ad, art by Alex Schomburg.

    The Angel untitled story, art by Paul Gustavson; The Angel becomes involved in a situation in which towns people believe that a vampire is at work, when all along it is a mad scientist, who desires to transplant the brain of a young woman into a gorilla.

    The Masked Raider untitled story, art by Al Anders; The Raider involves himself in a case wherein gold shipments from a mining camp have been waylaid, then end up being turned into the local assay office for cash payment.

    Plus, High Steel text story, script by Compton, art by Robert Hughes. Electro, the Marvel of the Age untitled story, art by Steve Dahlman; Electro and the Professor are taken to the planel Ligra, where they are forced to engage in battle against Queen Nara. Ferret Mystery Detective untitled story, script by Stockbridge Winslow, art by Irwin Hasen; Ferret must act quickly against a gang of crooks who are waging a vicious campaign against Stacey Cleaners. Advenures of Ka-Zar the Great untitled story, art by Ben Thompson; Ka-Zar helps a young girl make her way back to her father, having to evade attacks by a tribe of wild Wabis.

    68 pages.

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