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Planet Comics comic books issue 70

  • Issue #70
    Planet Comics (1940 Fiction House) 70

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    Cover art by Maurice Whitman. Untitled story, art by Lily Renee; Hunt and Lyssa are trying to escape some Voltamen and discover Dr. Schultz, so they enlist his aid in destroying a Volta power station. Untitled story, art by Joe Doolin; The planet Itec has returned to its orbit after being lost for aeons, and is now capturing spaceships; Gale is mistaken for a legendary queen and manages to hypnotize Lor. Untitled story, art by Murphy Anderson; Star takes a spaceship of male colonists to a forgotten world populated only by women; People age very slowly there and the colonists decide to stay on with the women, while Star and Blackbeard continue to roam the universe. Untitled story; Huldan escapes prison posing as a robot in a load of others being delivered by Reef; Flint follows and together they thwart a plot of Huldane's to transform women into plant-being slaves. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.10.