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Sarge Snorkel comic books issue 12 1975-1977

  • Issue #12
    Sarge Snorkel (1973) 12

    New Recruits starring Sarge Snorkel, Otto, and Rocky. Open & Shut Case starring Lt. Fuzz, Sarge Snorkel, and Captain Scabbard. Out of Uniform starring Sarge Snorkel, Beetle Bailey, Killer Diller, Zero, Captain Scabbard, and General Halftrack. Cookie Chase starring Sarge Snorkel, Beetle Bailey, and Otto. Self-Defense starring Sarge Snorkel, Zero, Killer Diller, Plato, and Beetle Bailey. Power-Mad starring Sarge Snorkel and Lt. Fuzz. The Phantom Food Snatcher starring Sarge Snorkel and Cookie. Mis-Fire starring Sarge Snorkel, General Halftrack, Captain Scabbard, and Beetle Bailey. Mad Dog starring Beetle Bailey, Otto, and Sarge Snorkel. Anticipation starring Sarge Snorkel, Beetle Bailey, and Cookie. 36 pgs. $0.25. Cover price $0.25.