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Scarlet Witch 2nd series comic books issue 2

  • Issue #2
    Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985 2nd Series) 2

    Avengers West Coast Crossover. "Brothers" Story by Steve Englehart. Art by Richard Howell and Andy Mushynsky. The story continues from West Coast Avengers (1985) 2. The Grim Reaper and Ultron-12 have joined forces in a diabolical scheme to steal the minds of both the Vision and Wonder Man and transfer them into the body of a Simon Williams look-a-like zombie! The final battle features the West Coast Avengers along with the Vision and the Scarlet Witch versus Ultron-12, Nekra, Power Man, the Black Talon, Man-Ape, and the Grim Reaper! Avengers Lineup: Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Dr. Pym, Iron Man, Tigra, and Wonder Man. 32 pages Cover price $0.75.