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Sensational Spider-Man comic books issue 5

  • Issue #5
    Sensational Spider-Man (1996 1st Series) 5

    "Collisions with the Past" Blood Brothers Part 5 of 6. Script by Dan Jurgens. Pencils by Dan Jurgens. Inks by Klaus Janson. Cover by Dan Jurgens and Klaus Janson. Peter Parker and Ben Reilly are hot on the trail of the Multivex Corporation! And the would-be detectives catch a big break when they discover that Multivex is funded by Osborn Industries! What a shock! Armed with that new information, Peter visits his long-time friend Liz Osborn! However Liz does not run Osborn Industries; another familiar name does: Mark Raxton (aka the Molten Man)! Oh boy, this caper just went next level! Later that night as shown on the dynamic cover, the Molten Man and the Amazing Spider-Man renew fiery acquaintances! It's a full-scale meltdown inside Multivex! Story concludes in Amazing Spider-Man 412. Cameo appearances by Normie Osborn, Seward Trainer, Gaunt, and Jessica Carradine. Flashback cameos by the first Green Goblin (aka Norman Osborn) and the second Green Goblin (aka Harry Osborn). 32 pages. Cover price $1.95.