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Spectacular Spider-Man comic books issue 184

  • Issue #184
    Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 184

    "Aftermath" Script by J.M. DeMatteis. Pencils and Inks by Sal Buscema. Cover by Sal Buscema. The colossal confrontation among the web-slinger, the goblin, and Vermin is over. Spider-Man has survived. Vermin has returned to the psychiatric ward. But the Green Goblin is still on the loose! Unfortunately, Harry Osborn has not come back to his senses like he did following his previous excursions in the costume of his deceased father. Now Peter and Mary Jane realize the serious problems their long-time friends face including their young son, Normie Osborn. The wall-crawler convinces the Molten Man to break the news to his sister, Liz Osborn, about what's happened to her husband. Cameo appearance by Frog-Man. Last $1.00 issue. 32 pages Cover price $1.00.