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Spectacular Spider-Man comic books issue 234

  • Issue #234
    Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 234

    "Leap of Faith" Blood Brothers Part 4 of 6. Script by Todd Dezago. Art by Sal Buscema (breakdowns) and John Stanisci (finishes). Cover by Sal Buscema and John Stanisci. Story continues from Spider-Man 68. After taking their lumps the past few days, Peter Parker and Ben Reilly strike back! The brave duo invades the Multivex Corporation headquarters and starts looking for the Hobgoblin, Cell-12, Seward Trainer, and anybody else that needs payback! Can Spider-Man (aka Ben Reilly) and Peter (without his powers) even the score with the Hobgoblin and Cell-12? And also find out who is trying to ruin their lives? Story continues in Sensational Spider-Man 5. Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Jessica Carradine, Liz Osborn, Normie Osborn, Mark Raxton (aka the Molten Man), and Gaunt. (Note: This issue was reprinted in 2012 in the trade paperback: Amazing Spider-Man The Complete Ben Reilly Epic #4.) 32 pages. Cover price $1.50.