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Spectacular Spider-Man comic books issue 263

  • Issue #263
    Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 263

    "The Triumph of the Goblin!" The Final Chapter Part 3 of 4. Guest-starring Mr. Fantastic. Final issue of the series. Script by Howard Mackie. Pencils by Luke Ross. Inks by Al Milgrom. Cover by John Byrne. Story continues from Spider-Man (1990) 97. In unbelievable fashion Aunt May is alive! Or at least it appears she is! After the web-slinger escapes from Norman Osborn's hunting lodge, he rushes his beloved aunt to the headquarters of the Fantastic Four! The amazing one hopes Reed Richards can confirm that May Parker is indeed May Parker... and not another clone! While Mr. Fantastic runs the necessary tests, the wall-crawler charges into Osborn Industries and attacks the goblin! But thanks to the Gathering, Norman Osborn is teeming with god-like power! Oh no, will the end of the Spectacular Spider-Man series coincide with the end of Spider-Man? Story concludes in Spider-Man (1990) 98. Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Anna Watson, Jill Stacy, J. Jonah Jameson, Ben Urich, Flash Thompson, Betty Brant, the Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and the Thing. (Notes: This issue completes the first volume of the Spectacular Spider-Man title that ran for 22 years. The second volume of the Spectacular Spider-Man series begins with issue #1 in September 2003. As part of Marvel's relaunching of the Spider-Man titles in late 1998, the Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st series) title was cancelled and essentially replaced by the Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man (1999) series. This issue features a gatefold cover. The letters page includes a statement of ownership: average print run 190,475; average paid circulation 99,059.) 40 pages. Cover price $1.99.

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