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Supergirl comic books issue 64

  • Issue #64
    Supergirl (1996 3rd Series) 64

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    WRITTEN BY PETER DAVID; ART AND COVER BY LEONARD KIRK AND ROBIN RIGGS In stores November 21. Linda and Buzz have to mend their shattered relationship if they have any hope of working together to fulfill their quest. But a brief respite in Atlantic City proves to be anything but restful: The mother of all demons lurks beneath the waves, while Supergirl's only hope of surviving an encounter with her may rest with guest star Lagoon Boy...while Buzz considers an offer from the mysterious Twilight to betray Supergirl to her enemies! FC, 32 PG. $2.25 Cover price $2.25.

  • Issue #64
    Supergirl (2005 4th Series) 64

    Good-Looking Corpse: Part 5 of 5 - Written by JAMES PEATY. Art by BERNARD CHANG. Cover by MAHMUD ASRAR. It's the brutal conclusion of 'Good-Looking Corpse'! The true identity of the villainous Alex has been revealed, and he's taken over the minds of Miss Martian, Robin and Blue Beetle. His first order? Destroy Supergirl by any means necessary! 32 pg, FC Cover price $2.99.