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Superman comic books issue 167

  • Issue #167
    Superman (1939 1st Series) 167
    Published Feb 1964 by DC.
    • Oxidation. Foxing.

    Cover pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein. The Deadly Duo! [The Team of Luthor and Brainiac! part 1], script by Edmond Hamilton and Cary Bates (plot), pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein; Lex Luthor escapes prison and discovers the existence of Brainiac. The Downfall of Superman! [The Team of Luthor and Brainiac! part 2]; Lex Luthor releases Brainiac from prison, re-programs him, and teams with him to shrink Superman; 1st appearance of Tharla, Lex Luthor's future wife. The Hour of Kandor's Vengeance! [The Team of Luthor and Brainiac! part 3]; With the help of the Kandorians, Superman turns the tables on Luthor and Brainiac. Letter to the editor from comics writer E. Nelson Bridwell. 32 pgs. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #167
    Superman (1987 2nd Series) 167

    WRITTEN BY JEPH LOEB;ART BY ED MCGUINNESS AND CAM SMITH;COVER BY PAUL RIVOCHE "Return to Krypton," Part 1 of 4, the storyline running through all the Superman books in February! Taking Lois with him, Superman returns to the land of his birth ? but now it's seen in a way it hasn't looked in almost twenty years. Can Superman save this Silver Age Krypton from its destruction? FC, 32 PG. Cover price $2.25.

  • Issue #167
    Superman Family (1974) 167
    Published Nov 1974 by DC.
    • 1/2" Spine split from top.

    100-page giant. New Jimmy Olsen stories: "A Deep Death for Mr. Action" and "Trail of the Spider" (scripts by Leo Dorfman, art by Kurt Schaffenberger). Reprints: Lois Lane in "The Amazing Hydro-Girl" (script by Otto Binder, art by Schaffenberger), Supergirl in "Supergirl's Greatest Victory" (script by Binder, art by Jim Mooney), Superbaby in "The Lair of Brainiac" (pencils by Curt Swan, inks by George Klein), Superboy's Pal Pete Ross in "the Day Pete Ross Became a Robot" (art by George Papp), Lucy Lane in "Super Lucy Lane" (art by John Forte), and Lana Lang in "the Insect Queen of Smallville" (script by Binder, art by Papp). Two-page "Fact File on the Superman Family" character profiles. Two-page "Super Pets and Super-Threats" animal profiles. Nick Cardy cover. Cover price $0.60.