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Tangled Web comic books issue 5

  • Issue #5
    Spider-Man's Tangled Web (2001) 5

    Painted cover by Duncan Fegredo. Peter Milligan/Duncan Fegredo. THE SCOOP: Beginning a self-contained two-part story, in which writer Peter Milligan (X-FORCE) and artist Duncan Fegredo (Clerks) spin a touching tale of one of Spider-Man's most misunderstood foes! THE STORY: They call him the Rhino big lug in an impenetrable - and irremovable - suit. He runs into things, he knocks 'em down. That's what he does. Until he runs into a certain wise-cracking web-slinger, who knocks him down. So what's it like to walk in the Rhino's size 17 shoes? What's it like to wake up every morning knowing that Spider-Man is out there, waiting to drag your grey butt into jail? And what's it like when you finally figure out the key to solving your predicament? THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Cover price $2.99.