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Web of Spider-Man comic books issue 112

  • Issue #112
    Web of Spider-Man (1985 1st Series) 112

    "Trail's End" Pursuit Part 3 of 4. Script by Terry Kavanagh. Art by Alex Saviuk (breakdowns), Stephen Baskerville and Al Milgrom (finishes). Cover by Alex Saviuk. Story continues from Spectacular Spider-Man 211. The wondrous wall-crawler arrives on the scene of a prison break in Times Square! A group of armed convicts have escaped from their prison bus and are shooting up the city! However, the furious web-slinger zeroes in on the bus driver first! Why? Because the Chameleon is behind the wheel! Is the Amazing Spider-Man going to end his pursuit right here and now? Unfortunately, Spidey's revenge will have to wait until all the gunmen have been captured! Several hours later though, the spectacular one tracks the Chameleon to the Kravinoff estate and burial grounds. Kraven has already had his last hunt, so the late Hunter should not be around. But stranger things have happened to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Story concludes in Amazing Spider-Man 389. Cameo appearances by Reynard, Warrant, Dr. Kafka, John Jameson, and Aunt May. First $1.50 issue. (Notes: The subplot in this issue involving Dr. Kafka continues in Web of Spider-Man Annual 10. This issue includes three Marvel trading cards (stapled into the comic book) featuring Venom.) 32 pages Cover price $1.50.