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Batman comic books issue 238

  • Issue #238
    Batman (1940) 238
    Published Jan 1972 by DC.
    • 1" spine split from bottom.
    • Cover detached. 1" Spine split from top.
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    • Piece torn from back cover.

    100-page Super Spectacular. Cover by Neal Adams. All reprints: "The Masterminds of Crime!" (from Batman # 70), script by David Vern Reed, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Charles Paris; Batman disguises himself as the crook Drexel to infiltrate the Crime Academy. "The Origin of the Doom Patrol" (from My Greatest Adventure # 80), script by Arnold Drake (plot) and Bob Haney (script), pencils by Bruno Premiani; A mysterious man known only as the Chief calls three people who have all escaped certain doom but were left outcasts because of their experiences; He recounts their individual stories; He asks them to become the Doom Patrol, and their first mission is to defuse a bomb; The Chief informs the Doom Patrol of an alien spaceship that has landed on Earth carrying a super-weapon; General Immortus, spying on them, makes plans. "Oh Plastic Man" (from Police Comics # 14), art by Jack Cole; Woozy and Plastic Man set out to capture Eel O'Brian. "Guarding a Lion" (from Sensation Comics #57), script by John Broome, art by Joe Kubert; Sargon the Sorcerer must figure out who the mysterious person is who has been messing with the circus lion. "Danger in the Totem's Eye!" (from Adventure # 276), script and pencils by Arthur Adler, inks by Bob Oksner; Al Pratt goes to a museum to research Indian culture but ends up tracking down some robbers. "The Aqua-Thief of the Seven Seas!" (from Adventure Comics #276), script by Robert Bernstein, art by Ramona Fradon; Aquaman is falsely accused of stealing a chest of diamonds. "The Legion of Super-Outlaws!" (from Adventure Comics #324), script by Edmund Hamilton, art by John Forte; An evil scientist tricks the Heroes of Lallor into fighting the Legion. "Mr. Roulette's Greatest Gamble" (from Batman #75), script by David Vern Reed, pencils by Dick Sprang, inks by Charles Paris. A key that lists all the superheroes featured on the wrap-around cover. 100 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.50.