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Tales of suspense comic books issue 63

  • Issue #63
    Tales of Suspense (1959) 63
    • Staple rust and migration
    • Residue. Cover oxidation.
    • 1 1/2" Cumulative spine split.
    • Cover detached at both staples. Centerfold detached at one staple.
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    • Paper: White
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    • Paper: Off white to white
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    Cover pencils by Jack Kirby (Captain America) and Don Heck (Iron-Man), inks by Sol Brodsky (Captain America) and Dick Ayers (Iron-Man). "Somewhere Lurks the Phantom!", script by Stan Lee, pencils by Don Heck, inks by Dick Ayers; Iron Man stops industrial saboteur the Phantom, who turns out to be one of his employees. Captain America's origin is told for the first time in the Silver Age in "The Origin of Captain America!", script by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (co-plot), pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Frank Giacoia (as Frank Ray); While the Nazi war machine marches on, President Roosevelt institutes a top-secret program, "Project Rebirth"; In a secret lab, scientist Dr. Erskine gives army 4F reject and volunteer Steve Rogers the "super-soldier serum," which turns him into a virtual superman; But a Nazi spy who got past security murders Erskine before he can create an army of men like Rogers, and is killed when he runs headlong into some electrical machinery; Rogers becomes the costumed Captain America, as a symbol of freedom; Bucky Barnes appearance; Franklin D. Roosevelt cameo; This is a re-telling of "Meet Captain America" from Captain America Comics #1, March 1941. 36 pgs., full color. $0.12. Cover price $0.12.

  • Issue #63UK
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    UK Edition. 9d cover price. Cover by Jack Kirby. "The Teen-Ager Who Ruled the World!", art by Jack Davis; An arrogant teen-ager finds a genie's lamp and tries to make the world perfect, but finds that all his wishes have unexpected results. "We Can't All Be Human!", script by Stan Lee (plot) and Larry Lieber (script), art by Don Heck; Seemingly friendly aliens arrive on Earth, seeking refuge from pirates, but a philosophy student figures out that the first visitors are the pirates, and disguised themselves to appear pleasant to humans. "Blueprint for Victory" text story. "The Man In The Mirror!", script by Stan Lee, art by Steve Ditko; A millionaire buys an enchanted mirror that allows him to wish any person he dislikes to be trapped inside of it; He wishes dozens of people into the mirror until he is contacted by agents of the IRS who wish to audit his books. 36 pgs., full color.