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What if comic books issue 21

  • Issue #21
    What If (1989 2nd Series) 21

    Cover pencils by Jim Valentino, inks by Bob Wiacek. What if Spider-Man Married the Black Cat?, script by Danny Fingeroth, pencils by Jim Valentino, inks by Chris Ivy; Spider-Man marries the Black Cat, but problems start when the Vulture learns his secret. Guest appearances by Silver Sable, the Sandman, the Vulture, and Paladin. 36 pgs. $1.25. Cover price $1.25.

  • Issue #21
    What If (1977 1st Series) 21

    "What If (the) Sub-Mariner Had Married the Invisible Girl?" Script by Bill Mantlo. Pencils by Gene Colan. Inks by Bob Wiacek. Cover by Gene Colan and Al Milgrom. Story continues from What If issue 1. The Fantastic Four have fallen on hard times since Susan Storm chose to join Prince Namor in Atlantis. Spider-Man and Ben Grimm have left the team; and Reed and Johnny blame the Sub-Mariner for everything! For that reason the duo plots to destroy Namor's undersea kingdom and bring the Invisible Girl back to New York! Wait a minute...aren't Mr. Fantastic and the Human Torch supposed to be heroes? Not on this day! Reed and Johnny's surprise attack goes splendidly as the torch battles the Avenging Son in the air; while the leader of the FF slips underwater and plants the device to suffocate the Atlanteans! With Atlantis teetering on the brink of destruction, Reed finally reaches Sue inside the royal chambers...and gets the shock of his life! Will Reed call off the attack before it's too late? Appearances by the Super-Skrull, Lady Dorma, and Warlord Krang. 48 pages. Cover price $0.75.

  • Issue #21MJ
    What If (1989 2nd Series) Mark Jewelers 21MJ

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    Mark Jeweler Advertisement Insert Variant. Cover price $1.25.