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X-treme x-men comic books issue 18

  • Issue #18
    X-Treme X-Men (2001 1st Series) 18

    Day of the Dead - Written by Chris Claremont. Art and Cover by Salvador Larroca. Guest-starring Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Beast! With the help of some fellow X-Men, the X-Treme team fights to recover from their dreadful injuries obtained in the war with Khan. Characters in this issue: X-Men [Storm; Rogue; Bishop; Gambit; Thunderbird [Neal Shaara]; Sage [Tessa]; Lifeguard [Heather Cameron]; Slipstream [Davis Cameron]]; Jean Grey; Wolverine; Beast; Nightcrawler; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; the Thing; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Shanna Cho; David Munroe (spirit); N'Dare Monroe (spirit). 32 pages, full color. Marvel PG Cover price $2.99.