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Modeler's Resource (1995) comic books

  • Issue #20
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 20
  • Issue #21
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 21
  • Issue #26
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 26
  • Issue #27
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 27
  • Issue #28
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 28
  • Issue #30
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 30

    This issue features Behind the Curtain with Jim Bertges, part 2 of Make-up Effects Group and their work on Matrix. Thor: God of Thunder! with Tom Grossman, a new kit from Darkstorm based on the myth of Thor. Also, Sculpting a Warrior Bug! Dan Perez shows the ins and outs of creating your own Starship Trooper Bug, and more! 68 pages, PC/B&W. Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #31
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 31

    Go ?Bot Building with Gary Glover! Gary takes you through the process of creating your own favorite ?Bot from the hit Sci-Fi TV series MST3K 3000 using all types of gizmos and gadgets. Also, Mike & Cindy Morgan build up the new, fully licensed MST3K 3000 figure kit from Janus Company in "Tales from the Glue Queen." The Craftbeast presents another episode in Action Figure conversions with McFarlane Toys' bust from Dan Perez Studios. Joe Porter heads to the Land of the Rising Sun and checks out their kit building expertise (as well as some of the local sites) in his article. Tom Grossman checks out Thor from Dark Storm Studios. Hilber Graf steps up to the plate for some instruction on how to create a quality mold, and Jim Bertges chats it up with 4 Ward Productions (with Robert Skotak) in another two-part Behind the Curtain. Also, join Jim as he salutes Captain America, the Toy Biz kit. Also featured is a new column designed for the ?newbie' to modeling, Back to Basics. Plus, many figure kit, sci-fi, fantasy reviews and how-tos, profiles, and lots more! (Modeler's Resource) Magazine, 66pg, PC" Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #34
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 34

    This is the "Styrene Madness" issue! Bill Craft does it up to Polar Lights' "Headless Horseman"; Part 3 of "Reality Landscaping" using Woodland Scenics' Mountain Valley Scenery Kit. Jim Bertges shows you "how-to-do-it" on Bowen's styrene Wolfman kit. This issue also has a first parter by James Key on the creation of the models used in the hit movie, Supernova! Tales from the Glue Queen shine the light on Polar Light's "The Mummy." Also, a profile on Michael Burnett Productions! This is just the start! Included as well is show coverage and many more figure kits, sci-fi and fantasy reviews, how-tos, profiles, and more! (Modeler's Resource) Magazine Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #35
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 35
  • Issue #36
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 36

    Bill Craft comes up with another installment of "Action Figure Conversations" this time using Godzilla and Orga action figures; Jim Bertges highlights five more new kits in "It's All Plastic to Me!" Modeler's Resource goes "Behind the Curtain" with the talented folks who create Eddie Murphy's hit show, The PJs. MR also profiles artist extraordinaire, Sandy Collora. Beyond this, Hilbert Graf is back with Part 2 of "To the Batmobile, Robin!" In "Tales from the Glue Queen," the Morgans create some realistic fleshtones. There's also show coverage from Europe and the U.S., more figure kits, sci-fi, fantasy, reviews, how-tos, profiles, and lots more! Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #38
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 38

    Bill Craft presents a number of high-profile kits for your viewing pleasure including Space Turkey Vulture; Jim Berteges presents his interview with VLS owner and modeler, Bob Letterman. Norm Piatt takes the Headless Horseman and creates a Knight on horseback! Beyond this, Hilber Graf is back with an Aliens: Resurrection diorama. The Morgans present the new Pirate bust from Michael Burnett Productions and they've also got a new column focusing on crafts called "The Crafty Corner." Jim Key recreates a four-foot Jupiter 2 from the original LIS series! Fred DeRuvo creates a prehistoric diorama! Plus, Modeler's Resource has Hawaii Figure Modeler show coverage, more figure kits, sci-fi and fantasy reviews, how-tos, profiles, and lots more! (Modeler's Resource) Magazine, 66pg, PC Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #39
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 39
  • Issue #40
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 40

    Bill Craft goes Kaiju, with build-ups and a history of Gamera, Super Turtle! Plus, Jim Bertges profiles sculptor, Daniel Horne. Jim also presents some great build-ups on three new gothic kits from Down Under. In addition, a Punisher sculpt comes from Ertl's Cpt. Kirk vinyl kit; a diorama is based on the comic book hero, Blade; the Morgans dive deep with Artistic License's Deep Trespass kit, and they've got another installment of their new column, Krafty Korner, called "Stick It!" Plus, more figure kit, sci-fi, fantasy reviews and how-to's, profiles, and more. Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #42
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 42

    Oct/Nov 2001. The Borg! Award-winning make-up artist Bradley M. Look paints up a new, fully licensed 1:1 scale Borg bust! Hilber Graf tags along for a Resurrection of Im-Ho-Tep diorama! Bill Craft heads to Westworld and renders a Yul Brynner style gunslinger! Mark Fergel gets into some sci-fi for modelers! Fred DeRuvo highlights Dick Tracy! Jerry Buchanan is back with Kennel Dogs from "The Thing." Jim Bertges has more reviews on some of the latest resin to hit the modeling market. There is Frightvision and East Coast Hobby show coverage, and "Kits that Time Forgot" is at it again, focusing on more kits from our past, including Aurora's Superboy kit. Plus: More figure kit, sci-fi, fantasy reviews and how-tos, profiles and lots more! 66 pages, PC/PB&W. Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #45
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 45

    Let's get small! Land of the Giants' Spindrift spaceship makes it this issue. This new Polar Lights reissue of the vintage Aurora kit is sure to be something that you'll want to add to your collection! Dave Metzner shows you just how to do a pro build-up fit for all the little people in your world! Jim Key takes us behind the scenes and shows us how the miniature train was created for the Jackie Chan blockbuster, "Shanghai Noon!" Hilber Graf heads to the back streets of merry ol' England as his Gaslight Batman searches for the Ripper! Bill Craft takes a nearly one-one scale She-Creature bust and gives it that ol' "B movie" magic and brings the monster from "Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell" to the fore (played by Darth Vader himself, David Prowse in the movie!) plus he's back with another beastly behemoth: Tarantula and The Blob! Fred DeRuvo gets out the rubber and shows you how to mold "David & Goliath!" Jim Bertges has more reviews than you can shake a stick at and he also pulls the curtain back and ventures behind the scenes with Farscape Makeup Artist, Alan Friedman, does a head transplant, plus get more retro in "Kits that Time Forgot" and more figure kits, sci-fi, fantasy reviews and how-tos, profiles, and lots more besides! Don't miss this issue! (Modeler's Resource) Magazine, 66pg, PC Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #48
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 48

    Join Kit Girl, Julie Strange, as she builds up a studio-quality Viper! Bill Craft takes a shining to a Jack Nicholson bust! Hilber Graf recreates a scene from the Star Wars cantina! Fred DeRuvo takes us out to a "Hidden Outpost!" Brazilian sculptor Martin Canale is profiled by Norm "Kitman" Piatt, Jim Bertges has more kits on his workbench, plus we've got more retro in "Kits That Time Forgot," and more figure kits, Sci-Fi, fantasy reviews, how-tos, profiles, and lots more! (Adroit Publications Inc.) Magazine, 66pg, FC$5.99 Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #51
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 51

    Learn how Bill "The Craftbeast" Craft takes on the new Hideous Sun Demon bust from Earthbound Studios! Also, coverage of the recent Imagination show in Vegas; Resource Review unveils three new Batman-related busts; a comparison on the Ghostbusters' Ectomobile; and more! (Adroit Publications, Inc.) Magazine, 66pg, PC$5.99 Cover price $5.99.

  • Issue #57
    Modeler's Resource (1995) 57

    This issue, Modeler's Resource covers WonderFestT! Casey Love is along to initiate us in the art of sculpting the Hulk; we paint up a large Gollum bust for you; E. James Small jumps on this issue with a scratch-building effort of a studio-scale Laser Tank from Space: 1999! We also have Mark McGovern and he brings his Minion he's worked so hard at painting up for you. Roderick is back with more Gaming Miniatures info! Beyond this, we've got more build-ups and "how-to" articles than you can shake an airbrush at! Bi-monthly. (Adroit Publications, Inc.) (CAUT: 4) Magazine, 66pg, PC$5.99 Cover price $5.99.