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Bozo 3-D (1987) comic books

  • Issue #1A
    Bozo 3-D (1987) 1A
    Tags: Blackthorne 3-D (part 24)
    Published 1987 by Blackthorne.

    First printing cover by Andy Ice. Stories by Hal Lane. Art by Andy Ice. Sometimes listed as Blackthorne 3-D Series (1985) #24. Blackthorne Publishing presents another in its series of 3-D comics, this one featuring the inspiration for Krusty the Clown, Larry Harmons TV clown Bozo. When negative Bozons threaten to turn world leaders into clowns, including President Reagan himself, Bozo and his friends must find a way to reverse the process. But they didnt reckon on the creation of an Anti-Bozo…. I Walked with a Bozo; Downtown Clown; The Bozo Brigade; Arctic Snows and Circus Shows. 32 pages, B&W with 3-D effects. Cover price $2.50.