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MyComicShop Status Updates

MyComicShop will reopen April 20th

Updated April 12

We are temporarily closed but will reopen April 20th.

Can I order from you right now?

We will begin accepting orders for back issue comics Friday April 17th leading up to our reopening on April 20th. We will be at a reduced staffing level for a while after we reopen, so many orders may take a day or two longer to ship than usual.

What's happening with new comic releases?

New comics released the week of March 25 were the last new comic releases any comic retailer will receive until the distribution system reopens. We do not currently know when new comic distribution will resume, but we look forward with eager anticipation to the day when we can once again bring you your weekly dose of new comics!

Preorders and Subscriptions

We are accepting preorders and subscription orders as usual. Current guidance from the publishers and the distributor is that there may be a delay in the eventual delivery dates, but that all preorders placed now will remain valid until distribution resumes.

If you have ongoing subscriptions set up, we will generate your usual order for April.


We will establish a new auction schedule soon, to open for bidding after we reopen.

If you have previously won auctions that you had not yet purchased at the time we closed, the usual payment deadline has been extended until after we reopen. You will not be penalized for late payment due to being unable to complete your auction purchase while we are closed, and will have plenty of opportunity to complete the purchase of your auction wins after we open back up.

Best Offer

We have temporarily turned off the ability to make offers on items, because if your offer was accepted you would not be able to purchase the item until we reopen. Any recently made offers that were accepted by the seller, but that have not yet been purchased and shipped, will be kept on hold until we reopen and you're able to complete your purchase.

Selling Comics to Us

We are not currently accepting new offers of comics to sell to us. After we reopen we will have a backlog of sale submissions to process. Once we get caught up with those, we will reopen the option to offer comics for sale to us.


After we reopen we will first work to catch up on consignment submissions that were being processed prior to our closure, or consignments that were in transit and arrived during the time we were closed. Once we are caught up, we will once again accept consignments. Depending on staffing levels, we may temporarily limit new consignment submissions only to slabbed comics and high value unslabbed comics.