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I just received my first order. After being a steady customer at another comic shop for 40 years, the owner recommended to continue my patronage. I have to say, I am most pleased with the service, packing, and price! Thanks to his referral, I hope to be a steady customer for some time to come!
— Bob S., Frankfort, IL

A quick story, Buddy. The Giant Size X-Men #1 that I just auctioned on MyComicShop for $1,284 is the same one I bought for just $30 about 10-12 years ago at my local comic shop. Even then I was surprised they were selling it for so little. It will help cover the cost of my daughter Emma’s wedding in July. Thank you, MCS, for getting me such a great price for it! You guys are the best.
— Jim M., Arrington, TN

How fitting that I would purchase such a tremendous high-grade copy of this comic book - cover art & story featuring both my favorite Marvel superhero (Peter Parker/Spider Man) and favorite Marvel "pin-up" (the magnificent Mary Jane Watson)- from *Lone Star Comics*. As a teenager and eventually a summa-cum-laude graduate of Arlington High School in the 1980s, I was a regular customer at your flagship store on weekends every month - and sometimes every week - as I bought current-issue favorites and select back issues while occasionally casting a curious eye at the (pre-CGC) high-grade wonders lined up along the back wall behind the counter. Both my family and friends joined me in so many of these exciting visits! With heartfelt gratitude.
— Brent R., Tucson, AZ

I LOVE ordering from your company. Mycomicshop has become my go-to for comic book purchases (This is my 8 or 9th time ordering from you). You are exceeding expectations when it comes to online retail. I really appreciate that you take the time to scan each cover, which must be very laborious given the impressive size of your inventory. It makes it more transparent when you're searching for individual issues, variant covers or just want a briefing of what the art style looks like first. The search option makes it so easy to find what you're looking for. I can search by artist or title and there's an advanced option too (which I've never needed to use, but it's very thorough). The delivery parcels: "Nuke proof" is right! The packaging you conduct has a level of preservation that has yet to be rivaled. I've never had any issues with delivery, but admire the fact there is an actual phone number I can call and speak to a real live human being should anything arise. The package has consistently arrived at (or sometimes even before) the date estimated. It is clear you have a dedicated team employed who are enthusiastic about what you sell. I wish you much continued success with your business in the new year. Warmest regards.
— Jono D., Montreal, Canada

You guys are the best! My father has been collecting since he was a child and it's great to be able to get back issues from you guys to flesh out his collection. The prices and packaging are top notch. I don't buy my comics anywhere else since I found MyComicShop. Keep up the good work and happy holidays.
— Logan C., Fountain Valley, CA

As a long time comic book reader/collector I am furious that I did not find this website sooner. This website has made searching and buying comics that I need simple. I have been searching online and in stores for the complete Maximum Carnage series and every source I've found has been ridiculously overpriced and just pile on that money with outrageous shipping prices. I was able to find the entire collection that I wanted in literally under 3 minutes at a totally reasonable price. I could not be happier with the service that mycomicshop has provided me. Thank you.
— James C., Mississauga, Canada

Hey guys! This the first time I've sold my comics to you, though I've been ordering from your site for over ten years now. You have the best selection, great prices, and I've always been pleased with my products once they arrive. I've spread the word through the years and now my friends order from you as well. If this transaction goes well, I will definitely be bringing my comics to you in the future. Thanks!
— Ben K., Vacaville, CA

I'm constantly on your site. Mostly looking for information about my 11k+ collection, issues I need to fill in holes, and good deals. Great website, great store. Thank you!
— Dave M., Lawton, OK

Warm salutations! Yours is the best and most honest online comic store ever, and the only one I would feel safe to buy from again and again.
— James L., Sterling Road, Singapore

I wanted to thank you for providing such a great website. Even apart from the ease at which we can buy and sell, it's a treasure trove of information on comics. Providing descriptions and photos for each individual comic has made your website one of my most visited sites on the internet. You're helping to make this hobby more fun AND affordable!
— Ryan L., Moses Lake, WA

Lone Star Comics always provides great service. Your comic buyers grade comics fairly and payments are hassle free, regardless of whether store credit or cash is requested. The consignment service allowed me to sell several comics that were older without the hassle of trying to grade them myself and sell on eBay or another site that has tons of fees attached. As for comic purchases, Lone Star Comics is simply the best, from ease of order, preferred customer discounts and great, safe packaging. Thanks a lot!
— Henry M., Milford, MA

Buddy and team, back for another trade. As always, highest marks on all aspects -- grading, prices, packaging, customer service -- you've got it all. On top of all of this, you've really added another level of fun to my hobby. I really enjoy trolling flea markets and yard sales looking for that book I can get for a bargain in order to trade up with Lone Star Comics for something that I want. Again, all the thanks in the world to Buddy and team.
— Robert F., Clayton, NC

Dear folks, I've been a comic book fan from 1968 and the age of 4. Just looked at your new site design. Absolutely stunning! Excellent, spacious layout, huge quantities of information of immense use to anyone interested in comics history and content. The new look is extremely easy-on-the-eye with easy-to-use systems and links. Not just a site on which to BUY comic books, but a resource from which to LEARN about them. Possibly the biggest boon to the comic collector of the last decade. And thousands of comic books at very reasonable prices! Consider yourselves no-prized (platinum edition)!
— Marcus F., Cambridge, United Kingdom

Let me begin by singing some praise about your organization. So far I've bought twice from you and traded once and in each case I was very pleased with both product and service. It's obvious that you have an old school mentality concerning how you regard your customers and I look forward to a long business relationship. Again, thanks for the exceptional service and fair treatment.
— Robert F., Clayton, NC

Buddy, Thanks for the personal reply. I'd just like to say I'm quite impressed with the professional manner in which run your business. I'm an engineer by trade, and I'm very impressed with your buy/sell system from the technical side. I imagine the inventory control system must have been a real challenge to put together! Please keep up the great job you are doing, it's appreciated.
— Frank C., Harvard, MA

Hi Buddy, I currently have a batch of books at your place being reviewed for trade. Once I have the offer for store credit back I will be placing another order. I also want to take the time to say that the comics I’ve purchased from you have been exceptional. I know I’ve gone over this before, but I can’t emphasize enough how nice it is to know that I’m getting my money’s worth. Also, your website is just phenomenal. I can honestly say now that I don’t even consider anyone else but for my collecting wants. Thanks again for your time and consideration. I look forward to many more purchases from you in the future.
— Jay S., Spencerport, NY

Hi guys, as a recent visitor to your Central Arlington Store (on 3/24/10), I wanted to praise store and staff. I am from Conway, Arkansas, which is just outside of Little Rock. I was so impressed by your staff. The assistant manager was there and he was incredibly nice and helpful. I had my seven year old daughter and three year old son with me. Your assistant manager was extremely nice to them, giving them free comics. They loved the free books and, along with the assorted books, toys, and sticker albums I bought for them, they left on Cloud 9. Your store looks terrific. I have traveled to New York a lot with my job and I think I have been in every hobby shop/game store/comic book store in the city along with pretty much every store in the Dallas area, as well as stores throughout Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Texas. Last count, I think in the last 15 years, I have now been to over 120 different comic/game/hobby stores and I have never been in one nicer than yours. I ran a Hobbytown USA franchise for several years and have been to dozens of other Hobbytown stores along with the comic book stores I mention above and I have a deep appreciation for a nice store when I see it, and I have never seen one any better than yours, be it a Hobbytown USA franchise, a game store, or a comic book store. Great job guys!!! Stores like your Central Arlington store and the staff in it along with all of the joy the comics bring me and my kids are some of the reasons I have been collecting for nearly 30 years. Keep up the awesome work.
— Rodney P., Conway, AR

Hi Buddy, thanks again for the terrific service. I've really enjoyed buying, selling, and trading with you and your staff this past year, and will continue to do so. Have a great week.
— Chris M., Munroe Falls, OH

I've done business over the years with many companies. Both local shops and online. Your selection is incredible and your service is great. Your trading system makes it affordable for me to buy comics in a time when I couldn't if I had to pay cash. I thank you so much for being here and upholding all your upstanding business practices. Your search functions are better than many sites. Not only can I search to find my favorite character appearances, I can also search for my favorite artist/writer appearances (Jim Starlin). I can't say enough about how much I appreciate all the people that are involved in everything from the trades I submit to the orders I place to the superb condition in which I receive my orders. Every man and woman in your company is doing an excellent, and really above and beyond, job of making customers happy. I am most definitely one of those happy customers. Keep up the good work. And thank you, each individual member of Lone Star Comics, for contributing what you do to make this the best place to sell/trade/buy comics.
— Shawn B., Oklahoma City, OK

This is my first time visiting your website. I have found it to be a wonderful experience. Your site is extremely detailed and informative. It is the best site for comic book sales I have encountered on the web.
— Richard D., Pittsburgh, PA

I am writing this email to let you know, I recieved my book in the mail today...when I opened it I was speechless. The box that it came in was pristine, the book was packed between two pieces of cardboard for protection, and placed in a plastic sleeve along with the packing slip...I was sooo impressed, everything about your business is perfect, the book looked even better in person, the posted picture for the auction did not give it justice. I wish I could put more info in the feedback line so everyone can see how great I think you guys are, you are now officially my favorite place to shop for comics....I myself have an eBay store and dabble in collectibles, (comics, sportscards etc.) and I can only hope that people that buy from me think as highly of me as I do of your business, I know you guys are busy but hopefully you will find time to read this message, I just had to write...I don't think my positive feedback expressed how genuinely happy I was shopping with you, thanks again!
— EBay C., Garfield Heights, OH

Dear all at Lone Star Comics, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order this morning and I was left completely speechless when I opened it! In my long years of shopping over the internet, I have never, ever seen such careful and loving packing of a book. Your dedication to the best service clearly surpasses any other experience I have had with any other bookstore in the world. Down to your beautifully written letter, signed by the owner ( which could only be topped if the letter was printed with a hand-written font :) ), this experience sincerely took me back twenty years. I was a kid again! Finding you was just like discovering a little heart-warming bookstore hidden away in my town. Thank you so much for your love and your dedication to comics. It's so nice to see that there are people and companies that care about their products and customers. You have certainly won my heart.
— Michael T., Athens, Greece

Mycomicshop is great. I will only buy comics here and sell/trade here. You guys are right, you are better than eBay for buying/selling/trading comics.
— William B., Miami, FL

Hi Buddy, I've been a customer for a couple of years with Lone Star Comics and purchased hundreds (if not thousands) of comics with you over that time through both your subscription service and back issue catalogue. I've been idle over the past month, but it's not because I've jumped ship or stopped collecting comics. Rather, higher education has come calling so I've had to make some cutbacks. Unfortunately, one of the hardest cutbacks I've had to make is my comic collecting. Before Mycomicshop, I struggled with other subscription services that delivered my comic badly damaged. I also had a very hard time finding quality back issues. But Lone Star Comics changed all that. I'd just like to commend you and your entire staff on the excellent job they've done. Your service is among the best I've received with anybody and hopefully you're wonderful site (and stores) will remain active for years to come. So thank you, and hopefully, after life has settled down a little, I'll be able resume my patronage.
— Brandon W., Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada

I can't tell you how great it is to find these and then pick them up at your Arlington store. I really appreciate the scans and grading! I have been out of comics for several years but you make it easy to get some great stories and issues. I love your sales and deal (unlike pricing elsewhere that I have found to be very inflated). Thank you. I also wanted to say thank you for how carefully packed my comics are, even though just coming to your nearby store where I pick up. It means a lot and makes me keep coming back. Thanks to Buddy, Judy, and everybody, and especially to Beth.
— Joe G., Arlington, TX

Hey Buddy, A quick note of praise... Recently, I thought I'd check one of your Distinguished Competition's sites to see if they had some of the books on my wish list in stock. The comics were available (in theory) from this other site, so I thought I'd try to place an order. TRY ended up being the operative word! Man, their site and entire store mechanism was a big time disappointment! It was so buggy (and non-user friendly) that I gave up after five minutes. Lone Star and all the way! PS: I've started entering a few items in the new buy/trade system. It's great! Can't wait to send you my first group of trade comics.
— John P., West Boothbay Harbor, ME

Galactus-proof Packaging, Silver Surfer-speed Shipping, Ant Man-size prices! A Distinguished Web-Site That Practices Above-Average Customer Transactions!
— Terry I., Cloquet, MN

I can't believe how GIGANTIC your company's selection is! I've tried everywhere, including e-Bay, to try and find some of the items which has in ample supply. Plus, your site is easy to navigate AND has a responsive and helpful customer service staff. You guys really are the best! Thanks for everything.
— Ryan H., Anacortes, WA

Quite honestly, this is the best comics related buying/selling internet site ever created! Buddy and his staff are to be commended for developing the most efficient way to fill holes in your collection and trade/sell issues no longer desired. Every word detailed in the stated terms and conditions are followed to the letter! I will continue to frequent Lone Star Comics often! (In addition to ordering from our web store, George has sold seven comic lots to us for a total of $4,505.76)
— George M., Frederick, MD

Great prices. I started out intending to make a similar order with your competitors. You had more, for less money, and free shipping on top of that. I won't make the mistake of going anywhere else first next time!
— Jason F., Portland, OR

Fast shipping, great packaging, unbeatable prices! Your web site is remarkably easy to use! I don't even go to my comic store anymore! A big thank you to everybody involved!
— Terry I., Cloquet, MN

Your prices are the best I've found anywhere, your grading is excellent, your packing is tight, your delivery times outstrip any other supplier I've used, and that includes ones located thousands of miles closer to where I live, your office systems are user-friendly and efficient, and your website is the most informative and easy to use of any online supplier I've found. In short, if there's a better comic book supplier out there, I've yet to find them.
— Philip S., Devizes, United Kingdom

I just received my first shipment from Lone Star Comics. What can I say but that you guys run a brilliant store! Your website is the most user-friendly I have come across. From searching through your vast stock to completing an order, everything is simply laid out and effective to use. Packaging is another strength. My shipment came half way across the world secure and undamaged. You guys could teach Amazon a thing or two. Finally, your customer service is brilliant. For example, two of the items shipped had defects and Beth, who I e-mailed with questions, was quick to respond, courteous and extremely helpful. The situation was rectified quickly and beyond my expectations. I didn?t realize customer service still existed--it is something of a rarity these days. I will definitely shop from your store again.
— Leon G., Adelaide, Australia

This is a remarkable buisness! I cannot stop ordering from your site! My childhood is all flashing back to me every time I see the Swam Thing comics or Hulk, and then I can actually buy them and relive those great memories I had as a young boy reading comics with his dad. Thanks for running a site with the best prices EVER! I cannot believe the prices no matter how many times I order. They are beyond exceptional! One day when I have children they will inherit the fantastic titles I bought from your MARVELous site!
— Austin B., Springville, NY

Asher, Thanks so much for your assistance. Your quick handling of my problem reminds me of why I've been buying from Buddy for years. My very first mail order purchase was from him thru RBCC (Rocket Blast and Comic Collector) about 40 years ago when I was about eight years old. Thanks again.
— Carl B., Evergreen Park, IL

Buddy, I just wanted to thank you for contacting me directly. I am inclined to think that the percentage of business owners/businesses that actually respond to their customers is in the minority, so I very much appreciate the fact that not only did you respond, but that you obviously spent time considering my letter and responding to it. I would like it to be known that your website is outstanding, and is a primary reason I am active in reading and collecting comic books again. It's very convenient for me to look up any comic I can think of, get a picture and some background on it, and know that I have a price up front, and that it is a fair one. While I appreciate traditional comic book stores, I no longer frequent them as I get better pricing, service, and availability through you. I certainly understand the situation regarding the increase in gas prices, and how they have an affect on everything - I travel throughout New Jersey for work, and my reimbursements through work don't even cover the gasoline anymore. Thank you for respecting my opinion on the shipping changes, and thank you for really caring about your customers.
— Garry D., Colonia, NJ

Your selection is succulently eclectic, your customer service is as efficient as it is affable, and your prices/sales simply can't be beat! I didn't think it was possible for me to enjoy comics more than I already do, and your shop makes that possible. Thank you so much. Three cheers for the people and staff who make Lone Star what it is, the best!
— Mary S., Stow, OH

Buddy, Thanks for all your support. I have Spiderman 121 on my want list along with about 8 other titles. I'm down to filling the final holes in my collection, so no more big purchases, just one's and two's here and there until I get my collection complete. I want to thank you again for helping me get back my collection, making it better than it was before, and actually getting me excited about comics again. When I get back to the states I am looking at starting to buy new comics again, and allowing my son to buy a few titles (he's eight years old). When it comes right down to it, I looked at your competitor's web sites and prices and they just don't compete. You are the leader in the industry right now--your other competitors don't hold a candle to you. Hopefully, you son Conan will continue your legacy when you decide to hang up the business gloves and go into comic retirement. But I hope that day is a long way away. Till then, however, make mine Lone Star comics! Take care and thanks again, and a special thanks for sending comics to the troops over here. That's the best part of this deal hands down. Your friend and loyal customer.
— Kelly C., Hill AFB, UT

I would like to go on record as sayinig that you guys are the best comic book store I have ever found in my 20+ years of collecting! No hassles, no problems, good back issues sale prices, excellent customer service, and now I find out: A great trade program as well. You can bet if I lived near enough to commute to your store, I would be there every Wednesday. As it is, your subservice plan is excellent. Well done, friends.
— Graham G., Lawrenceville, GA

Because of all the Super Hero movies that have been out over the last few years, I was prompted to pick up a few of the newer comics while at the grocery store. It had been 16 years since I last looked at a comic book and I was really shocked to see how much things have changed in that time. It really made me long for my old childhood collection again and how great it would be to be able to go back and reread them. I decided I wanted to collect them all again. I did an online search just to see what was out there as well as looking on E-bay. I found a few places that sold back issues online including your company. After doing some research, I found E-bay to be too expensive and untrustworthy. I also found that only two companies stood out from the rest?yours and one other. I decided to test you both by placing an order with each. Even though I placed an order with your competitor first, I got your order a day before getting the other one. In a price comparison it was no contest. Your prices were so much better even when I used a discount code on the other site, and didn?t use one on your site. At that point I knew I had found the place from where I would rebuild my comic book collection. Your selection, price and service are just too good to go anywhere else. I also found that your grading was better than your competition?s. I also like the fact that a lot of your ?Near Mint? appeared ?Mint.? And your ?Very Fine? appeared ?Near Mint.?
— Eric M., Fort Walton Beach, FL

HI Buddy, I LOVE your sight - it contains a wealth of information and is so easy to access. Thanks for everything. has been and will continue to be the ONLY place I want to buy and trade from/with on the internet. Take care and congratulations to the U of Texas and to the Texans who will get the incredible Reggie Bush.
— Jordan N., San Carlos, CA

I am absolutely jaw-dropped to find that you carry so many oddball vintage and modern variants. Much of the collection I put together isn't very common, and at the conditions you offer at insanely reasonable, almost shocking prices, I'm glad to have stumbled onto your products. I appreciate you on a whole other level. Thanks again!
— Gabriel G., Lasara, TX

This is my first order here. I already love the store since you have the largest selection I've seen online. I'm looking forward to reading these comics. Thanks a lot!
— Maxime P., Boisbriand, Canada

Thank you so much! I have been a customer for some time. I appreciate your fun and encyclopedic website and newsletter, wonderful grading and sorting staff, and fantastic shipping department. Have a great night!
— Robert H., Newman, IL

I always get great service from you guys. My comics always arrived perfectly packaged. Keep up the great work.
— Ricardo V., Rockdale, IL

Thank you for having these items! I haven't been able to find some of these anywhere else!
— Trey S., Golden, CO

I was just browsing the net and found this site. It is truly a great place to purchase from. My first order was a value pack of 30 DC comics. I am very happy with the comics. I got it, and all the comics were in good condition. They said there were no duplicate comics, and there were no duplicate comics. You can buy from this store if you want. I will definitely buy lots of comics from this site. They also have pre-orders for 35 percent off. The great website made it easy to find what you wanted. I also took the economy shipping, and they arrived in 4 days.
— Kevin P., Lombard, IL

Thanks again for exceptional products and speedy delivery. I will be back for more items soon!!
— Phil O., Roseville, CA

This shop is great! I have been trying to get my hands on some of these comics for ages!
— Alex M., American Fork, UT

As always, you have an exciting selection and a fun place to shop! Thank you! Cheers!
— Anthony M., Kenmare, Ireland

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