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Our Service

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The offer for my comic books is acceptable. I'm thrilled to be doing business with you and will be sending another box probably this Saturday. I understand all the items you mentioned in your offer, such as condition, availability, etc. as to the offer itself. I know enough about grading in general to have a decent idea of what to expect from you for my books when I send them. Of course, these are some of "my babies", so from a purely sentimental standpoint, no offer is high enough (HA HA HA!). Thanks again for doing business with me!
— Jonathan D. N., Crestwood, KY

Thanks for the patience and help. I am going to go through the titles I have remaining soon and will also put my brother in touch with you. Take care.
— Billy F., Garland, TX

Thank you for assisting me with the grading process. I try to follow the grading guide as best my experience allows. However, I am novice at best in my ability to properly grade comics.
— Jason A., Lewisville, TX

Thanks for all the info Buddy!! And thank you for doing business with me.
— Andrew R., Middletown, NY

Buddy, thank you! You made selling my comics easy! And I really appreciate your quick payment. If you ever need a reference to give someone who is going to deal with you, have them contact me!
— George S., Saint Joseph, MI

I received my payment today and I just wanted to thank you guys at Lone Star Comics for the great service you've provided for me in the past and recently with the trade of my comics.
— Hans C., Waco, TX

Just a note to tell you the payment for the MAD PBs arrived today. As always with Lone Star a perfect transaction. Thanks for everything!
— Steve C., Colombus, OH

Just want to send you a quick thank you. I've been winnowing my comics collection, trading some comics I don't want for store credit. Your graders have been extremely professional, and even when it would have benefited Lone Star to grade my comics as low as possible, the graders have upgraded some of my comics above what I had estimated them to be. Buddy, who graded my comics today, downgraded two of my comics but upgraded two others. The result leaves me no doubt of your company's honesty and the values it was founded upon. I am thrilled with your service. Please pass these words on to Buddy Saunders. He should be very proud the quality of work you do.
— Jason S., Everett, WA

I couldn't have been more satisfied. Your web site is one of the most concise and well-explained I have ever come across. Your emails have been timely and polite. I was very pleased by the prices you offered, and how quickly you sent the final payment to me. I have already recommended you to several friends, and will continue to do so. Congratulations on a job very well done!
— Matt C., New York City, NY

Thanks again, Buddy. You know, every once in a great while, ya meet some really solid people in comics. You, sir, are a fine fellow! I enjoy talking comics with you.. Be well my friend.
— Rob P., Buffalo, WY

Buddy, YOU are one of the friendliest business people I have had the pleasure of dealing with, and the mycomicshop.com store is great.
— Rob P., Buffalo, WY

Buddy, I must now express my excitement at having found you as a buyer for my comics. I have never dealt with such an exceptional dealer. This is my second of many wonderful transactions I hope for the future. Anyone who needs to sell comics would be wise to consider you as the buyer. I feel like your are my most trusted friend. I will prepare another shipment for you in the next day or two.
— Ted M., Glace Bay, Nova Scotia

Hi Buddy, I think the offer you made is very fair. Thanks for making the sale of my comics a pleasant one. If I have any more comics to sell, I will certainly contact you again. Thanks for a very pleasant transaction. By the way, as you suggested, I tried to get offers from two local dealers, but in each case they wanted to "cherry pick" the better ones, so I decided to send my comics to you and I'm glad I did.
— John M., Bedford, PA

Yes, I approve the offer! Thank you! Let me say again that I simply could not be happier with the service I have received. Not only did I receive friendly personal communication, but you even helped sort out my shipping error, and gave me more than twice as much as I was expecting! I'll be sending you another offer soon! Thanks again!
— Mike D., St. Louis, MO

I just made the order. I'm sure you guys have been showered with praise before, but this system is fantastic. I want to thank you for all your help with this trade and let you guys know that Lone Star Comics is the most pleasant surprise I've encountered in fifteen years of collecting. Thanks again.
— Brian D., Glenside, PA

Your grading is fair & accurate. It is nice to see a company that treats people fair. In the future, I will leave it to you to grade my comics because, after seeing the way you graded my first batch, I trust your judgement.
— Phillip H., Mobile, AL

Buddy, thanks again. Just to let you know your cheque arrived today. I'll be putting another deal together of old comics for you in the next little while. You guys have been very professional and honest to deal with. That truly is a rare event today finding good ,decent honest people to deal with. Most comic dealers want everything for nothing. You guys have rekindled my faith. I'll just leave it at that!! Another satisfied customer,
— Marshall B., Alberta, Canada

Buddy, Thanks so much for such a smooth and professional transaction. I am a true believer. You have created a wonderful system and your honesty is a beacon to comic fans everywhere. I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.
— Ben S., Long Beach, NY

Dear Buddy, I am happy to accept your recent offer for the lot of comics which I submitted.  As with our first transaction, you have again shown a willingness to deal with a much broader selection of comics than most dealers, and to make a top offer for a complete collection, rather than pick and choose among a certain few. I am also grateful for the time you took when we spoke to educate me on some of  the finer points of the comics trade. I look forward to receiving your check in the near future and thank you again for your time and interest in my collection.
— Geoffrey Y., Cross River, NY

I accept your offer. With regards to selling my comics, I appreciated your candor when I spoke with you.  Your purchasing system was extremely easy to follow.  Most of all, after several months of communicating with several "serious" buyers, that at the end of negotiations tried to lowball the sale, I found your offer more than fair, and I'm walking away without the feeling that I'm being taken advantage of.  I will be sending you more books. 
— Peter R., Baton Rogue, LA

Buddy, When I decided to sell my comic collection, my wife and I spent a lot of time browsing the web to find sites that buy comic books.  There are a lot of them out there, but we finally decided to go with yours because it looked so professional, and seemed really upfront about everything.  We even took your advice and asked around at local comics shops first, to get an idea of what the books were worth.  From the ho-hum responses (and of course they wanted to pick them over instead of taking the whole collection), we decided to send them on down to you.  Boy are we glad we did! I wasn't home when you called, so when my wife told me just now that you had made an offer for my comics collection, I was prepared for the worst (I'm a real pessimist). You could have knocked me over with a feather when she told me that your offer ($2,180.28) beat my best guess by about three times!  I always loved my comics so, of course, they were valuable to me, but I sure never expected that they would be worth so much money!  This has been a great transaction for us!  We will definitely be recommending you to our friends! 
— James S., Cedar Creek, MO

Gentlemen, I followed your advice when I decided to sell my comics and went to three other stores in my area. While there was interest in some of my comics, there was little interest in my entire collection. I must say that your offer was by far the best. As a matter of fact, your offer was just over three times my local offers. Your evaluation was very much in line with what I received here, but your offer was much better. I didn't have to haggle or offer some of my books to sell others. You made this real easy. Thank you for your honesty in your evaluations. I see that there is a great deal of integrity within your organization. In an era of false advertising, it is hard to know who to trust. It is good to see someone you can rely on to mean what they say. Thanks again for making this easy for me.
— Mike S., Carteret, NJ

Buddy, It was great doing business with you.  I got a better price than I had hoped for, and in the process I avoided Ebay.  Fast, prompt, and friendly.  What more is there to ask for?
— Bob B., Long Beach, CA

Thank you for the professional and timely treatment.  You lived up to every promise you made including the generous offer. Your business is certainly first class, and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking to buy or sell comics.
— Will E., Mt. Vernon, OH

Your offer is more than fair, and I definitely accept.  I am *very* pleased; your advertisements did not overstate the fact that your offers are fair and even generous!  The next time I can get to my storage unit, I will pull out more comics to send to your company.  One collection I am thinking of selling is the entire run (from the old western issues) of Jonah Hex, most of which are in F/NM. Thanks again for your offer and I accept!
— Vince P., Grand Junction, CO

Buddy delivered on everything he promised.  He has a terrific web site which outlines the entire selling process and answers all your questions up front. I recommend to anyone wanting to sell their old comic collections to use Buddy's service, Webuycomics.com.
— Jim M., Waukesha, WI

I was extremely impressed and very satisfied about my recent experience selling about 50 1940's era comic books through your company.  The amount offered, the service, and the detailed explanation of how the condition of my comics were evaluated exceeded my expectations.  I live in a rural area, where even finding a nearby comic shop is difficult.  I was uncertain about mailing valuable comics to be evaluated, but the next time I am interested in selling some comics, I will go to Lone Star Comics first. 
— Michael C., Worcestor, NY

Buddy, Lone Star's superior customer service, promptness and fairness epitomize the very thing which are missing in our world. I was apprehensive to ship my comics to you at first, but now after completing my first sale, I will be shipping more stuff your way. Your offer was about 15% below what I thought I may get (I was a bit off in my grading), but was 3 times more than the locals were offering.  I live in Iowa, I shipped my comics late in the afternoon on Tuesday, and I will have your check in hand Saturday morning. I dare anyone to find a quicker turnaround than that. The ease of your system has made me want to deal with your company for years to come. Thank you. I hope someone enjoys my Tales of Suspense #1, and have a great day.
— Chris C., Tiffin, IA

Just received my latest offer for a trade/sale transaction. It was a very good offer, thanks again! I just realized I've been selling/trading with Lone Star Comics for about 18 months (How time flies when you're having fun!). The reasons that keep me coming back are good offers, courtesy and your professional way of transacting business. An option that you have which is very appealing to me is part % cash / part % trade.  I not only get cash for what I send in, but also receive trade credit that goes into my account that can be used to purchase items whenever I want to. It's a win, win situation!
— Stan B., Oklahoma City, OK

Dear Buddy, I just wanted to thank you for working with me on the sale of my Vampirella Magazines. I could not believe it when you said you would meet me at your office ON YOUR DAY OFF to look at my magazines. No other buyer has ever offered to do that for me. When we met, I got a good feeling about you right from the start, and was very comfortable in leaving my magazines with you for review and grading. You were genuinely interested in what I had to say and your grading was very fair. Once I received and accepted your offer, my check arrived within just a few days. Again, something I have never seen. Usually, it takes a couple weeks to get my money from a buyer and I have even had instances where I had to contact them a second time to ?remind them? that I was waiting on payment. This was not the case with Lone Star! I look forward to working with you in the future and wish you the best in your business. We need more folks like you in the industry.
— Tony E., Pfluserville, TX

Hi Buddy, I just wanted express my gratitude. It was great to finally meet you in person. I was pleasantly surprised you were able to offer more cash for my excess Silver Age books than my high end expectation. I was surprised at how quickly you all were able to make that offer, also. There were 22 boxes and less than a week later you had an offer. Superb. I will continue to trade books with you online for issues I am out of stock on and to fill customer want lists. Your web site is so easy to use and so hassle free that I think your programmers deserve a raise!! Once again, it was a pleasure!!!
— Terry S., Houston, TX

Dear Buddy, I accept your offer! And in case I haven't said so, "Thanks!" I am very pleased with my dealings with you and your company. I know that it is easy to forget expressing things like that when engaged in business transactions, but still they need to be said.
— David E., Washington, DC

Hello Buddy, I have been pleased in every way in dealing with you, and I will be happy to give you a testimonial to that effect. Merry Christmas & Best Wishes in your business for 2005. My experience in dealing with Buddy Saunders was a pleasure.  I found him to be honest, fair, prompt, and a gentleman in every respect.  I would certainly recommend him for his opinion or services.  I know you will be satisfied.
— Harry M., Blue Springs, MO

Sorry to admit it, but I'm no longer a comic book fan, though I was an avid reader back in the 60's.  Fortunately for me, when I went off to college and the service, my mom didn't throw out my comics.  After contacting a few comic book dealers in my area (St. Louis), I was disappointed in the offers for my comics.  As a result I started surfing various internet sites and decided from the customer feedback that mycomics.com looked the most promising.  Lone Star still offered over double what I thought they were worth.  I talked to a representative on the phone (no waiting!). He was very friendly, honest, and professional.  It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding experience selling to mycomicshop.com.
— James W., Saint Charles, MO

I really appreciate the care you take with my orders. I also enjoy receiving the preferred customer emails. I feel the safest when I buy my comics from your excellent company. I expect nothing short of the best from your company, and I am proud to say that I will definitely be buying all my collector comics from Mycomicshop.com and that I will be a life time customer. Thank you, and keep up the great work.
— Alex A., Cathedral City, CA

I just received the Bob Marley comic that I ordered from you, and I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service and an excellent packing job. I will be doing more business with you guys in the near future.
— Anthony B., Charlotte, NC

I just wanted to let you know you have regained a customer. I used mycomicshop.com as my primary source for comics from 2001-2003, but when we moved back to Washington state from Tennessee, I decided to give our local comic shop another try. The owner had been very rude in the past and I soon discovered nothing had changed. I have never been talked to in such a manner. So I have decided a few extra bucks every month or two is worth it for decent customer service and the feeling that my money is appreciated. I look forward to renewing my relationship with your shop, and thanks for all your great service in the past.
— Jason S., , WA

I have ordered from your site many times, and I have to tell you, you guys are great! I order comics from no other site but you. Your selection and service can't be beat!!
— Chris J., Asheville, NC

Thanks for the online credit! I didn't even realize you owed me!!! You are the most honest company in America. No Enron story here!! James
— James L., Ocenside, NY

You guys are great! My third order arrived today and your customer service is beyond anything I have experienced. I have not ordered from any other online comic site since I received my first order from you, and I plan on no longer using E-bay to get back issues. Your service and the way you treat your customers has drawn me from those two sources that I have been using for years. Thanks and I hope your team realizes they really are making a difference in what they do. Thanks for keeping the comic book world fun and accessible for both readers and collectors.
— Joe M., High Ridge, MO

Dear Buddy, Thank you for your prompt handling of the lost mail situation. Looking forward to doing business with Lone Star in the future. It was very refressing to actually have a live person--and that person being you--answer the phone when I called. lol. I've had to make calls to a number of company's in the last couple of weeks; it's really tedious to go through the automated voice thingy. A live voice was very welcome.
— Ross R., Philadelphia, PA

I have wholeheartedly been impressed with your overall selection and timeliness in response to the few issues I have had. I appreciate your follow up and want to assure you of my on-going patronage in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration.
— John P., Jacksonville, FL

I appreciate the quick response. I have just ordered Secret Wars nos. 2 and 8 in "very fine" condition. However, I did not enter your instructions to have the shipping charge removed, and would like to briefly explain why. First, I overreacted to the fact that these two issues were not initially available, due in large part to an inherent inability to take disappointment, even on a small scale, very well. Apologies for that. More importantly, your quick response and offer to remove the shipping charges on the second order, contrary to your standing policy, more than confirmed that the glowing reviews posted on your website are accurate. After having several experiences with on-line purchasing that ranged from slightly annoying to otherworldly frustrating, it is a distinct pleasure to do business with mycomicshop.com. I have found it rare that an on-line retailer responds at all to inquiries, rarer still that such response comes quickly, almost unheard of that the response comes from any identifiable person (let alone someone with "Manager" in their title), and frankly have never been the beneficiary of an exception to store policy. After all of that, I just didn't have the heart to go cheap on the $4.25 shipping. So, in a long-winded sort of way, I am saying thanks and that you have definitely gained yet another in what appears to be a long line of dedicated customers.
— Chance H., Madison, WI

The first order i got was almost perfect! I called about my "problem" and you guys were quick to fix it. Excellent service and comics in great shape! This site is going to be a regular!
— Yousif B., Bloomington, IN

AWESOME customer service! On my last order, one of the items was missing. I called and the item was shipped out right away with no questions asked. THANKS!!!
— Jared L., Vernal, UT

I just wanted to let you guys know how great of a store I think you guys are. My subservice shipment had one item that was wrong, and a replacement was sent out immediately. Thanks so much, and I'll definitely continue to shop here for my comics!
— Cindy R., Hillside, NJ

Thanks guys! Keep up the great customer service!
— Richard R., LSC, TX

I found 90% of what I wanted in your Megastore Section, and put what I didn't find on the want list. It's nice to know that if I get behind a few months I can almost always get caught completely up at anytime. As I have said since I began using this service in April of 2003 you guys are fantastic to deal with. Thank You.
— Timothy V., Jacksonville, IL

Thanks for taking the time to answer my email question!
— Erinn P., Greensboro, NC

Thanks for the reliable service!
— Kevin W., Corbin, KY

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