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Sub Service Terms and Guidelines

Late and Cancelled Items

Some items listed for preorder may be released later than originally anticipated or cancelled completely. Some manufacturers (makers of model kits, statues, and action figures, and Japanese items, for example) are sometimes several months late with deliveries, meaning as much as six months might pass between the time you order and the arrival of your merchandise.

We have no control over the production process and cannot be responsible for items that arrive later than expected. When ordering, please understand that you are agreeing to take delivery of all items ordered, even if the publisher or manufacturer is late with their delivery. If an item is cancelled by the publisher or manufacturer, we will automatically refund you and notify you of the cancellation by email. If you have a question about the status of any item, you may also e-mail us at and reques a status update.

In some instances, items offered in Previews are available through other outlets sooner. We have no control over this and cannot guarantee we'll get these items to you first.

Resolicited items (those that are offered again after being cancelled)

If an item is canceled, then offered again, you should reorder the item when it is resolicited as this is your best insurance that you will receive it.

Condition of comics and other merchandise

You can expect all items ordered to reach you in new condition, which in some cases may include minor imperfections that result from the printing and binding process itself. In the case of comics and other items, preorders always receive priority treatment when stock is pulled.

EXCEPTION: If you happen to be the only customer to preorder an item, and it's not an item where we ordered additional stock for our own inventory, we will not be able to immeidately provide you with a replacement if your copy arrives with damage or a defect. If that happens, we will ship the item to you if we consider the defect very minor. If the defect is more than very minor, we will notify you of the situation and attempt to get a replacement copy. If a replacement cannot be secured, you will have the opportunity of accepting the original defective item at a further discount, or rejecting it and receiving a full credit to your account.

Items sold by the case

Some items, such as action figures, which are sold to us only by the unbroken case (with case mix/count unannounced), may not be available via preorder except in case quantities.

Payment by credit card

Credit card orders received during a given month are charged around the 20th to the 26th of that month unless you ask that the charge be made immediately. The monthly order deadline varies from month to month but is usually around the 25th or 26th. The current month's order deadline will be displayed at the top of the Previews catalog search page. Any order turned in by midnight central standard time on the day of the order deadline will never be counted as late, but we strongly recommend you not wait until the last minute.

Late payments

If a subscriber places a sub order, but fails to get his payment in by the order deadline, his order is cancelled. He may then place a new order for the same items, provided they are among those still available for order from the previous month's Previews catalog.

Deleting items from an order

Individual items may not be deleted from an order once placed, although the entire order may be cancelled if the cancellation occurs before the order has been placed with our distributor.

International Shipping

International customers pay the exact shipping cost rather than flat rate shipping. Because we cannot predict ahead of time what items will arrive for you in a given month, we are unable to charge you the exact shipping cost at the time you place an order. Instead, you will be charged $25.00 per scheduled shipment. This amount is stored in your account as a shipping credit. In the future, each time we send you a shipment, we will determine the exact shipping cost for the shipment, and that cost will be deducted from your shipping credit. If the actual cost of the shipment is more than the amount you currently have as shipping credit, we will charge your credit card the additional amount necessary to pay for the shipment, and you will be notified by email of the additional shipping charge. If the actual cost of the shipment is less than your available shipping credit, then your remaining shipping credit will remain in your account and be available for use on future shipments.

Essentially, the $25.00 is a rough estimate that will cover most shipments. However, depending on your destination country and the size and weight of your shipments, the cost may be more or less. You will never be charged more than the actual cost to mail your shipments.

Delivery delays beyond our control

Shipping can sometimes take longer than anticipated, especially if you live in a country where the postal authorities and/or customs office delays parcels and/or requires pickup at the post office or customs office, rather than providing home delivery. If you experience what you believe to be unnecessary delays, please let us know. If you previously experienced faster delivery via another carrier option, upon your request we will try to switch future orders to the carrier you believe to be faster. All international orders are packed as compactly as possible so as to reduce shipping charges while still protecting the merchandise against damage.

Customs fees and duties

Fees and duties levied against incoming parcels vary from country to country. The shipper has no control over the policies of your country. We must label each parcel regarding content and value. However, if you have special instructions that you think will reduce the charges levied by your government, tell us in the order comments box. For example, we can label your comics as books, magazines, periodicals or printed matter if one of these labels is more likely to reduce the fee you must pay your government.

Your preferred shipping method

We typically ship international orders via UPS Worldwide or the U.S. postal system. If you wish your order to be shipped by another international delivery service, we will look into their service if you supply us with their name.

Central and South American customers

Many of our Central and South American customers use delivery services that accept orders shipped to their U.S. based office (usually in Florida), which then reships the orders via their own courier service to the customer's home. Customers using this service tell us it is faster and less expensive than deliveries made by DHL or the U.S. postal system. If you elect to use such a service, the address Lone Star will deliver to will be one within the U.S. and thus your shipping cost for each scheduled shipment will be just $5 rather than $25.

Return of damaged or defective goods

We will make every effort to deliver only new, undamaged comics and other merchandise. If, however, an item with a defect slips by us, or is damaged in transit, it may be returned for replacement. If a replacement is unavailable, your account will be credited. For more information please see our return policy.

Cover variant sets

If a comic has multiple cover variants produced in equal numbers, we will automatically ship you one of each (a set) when you order enough copies to equal the complete set. And you needn't specify that you want one of each cover. The fact that you ordered enough copies for one of each will be clear enough for us to know what you want. If you order two copies in a case where four covers variants are offered, you will receive two different randomly selected covers.

In cases where alternate covers are produced in unequal amounts, the above system unfortunately won't work for sub service. However, we sometimes offer short print alternate covers on our new comics page, so if there's one you really want, you might try getting it that way.

Age requirement

You must be 18 or older to order from the mycomicshop Subscription Service.

Adult material

Although customers using our site must be 18 or older, we still want our site to be as accessible as possible to younger customers who may want to visit and make purchases with the assistance of a parent. In order to be as family friendly as possible, Lone Star Comics has elected to not offer items with hardcore "adult" content, although we do offer a wide range of "mature reader" titles including Heavy Metal, all the Vertigo titles, Sin City, etc.

What happens if I stop placing monthly orders?

First off, you can skip a month, then order for the previous month and for the current month, and you will still be considered an active subscriber. However, should you stop placing monthly orders, your remaining items will probably continue arriving over the following three or four months, making additional shipping charges necessary.

You then have two options: 1) You may arrange to cover remaining shipping fees by making an additional payment to cover shipping costs; or 2) In the absence of other arrangements, we will cancel items you have preordered and use the resulting credit to cover any remaining shipping costs.

We will also convert inactive accounts to monthly shipping status where necessary so as to reduce the subscriber's shipping costs to the lowest amount possible.

What's a "shipping balance adjustment"?

We do our best to predict in advance how many shipments we'll need you to prepay. However, for our weekly customers, circumstances beyond our control can leave us guessing wrong. If we guess high, then you just have a credit balance with us that you spend in a month's time. If we guess low, however, we're short the funds we needed to ship your order. Rather than cancel items to pay for a shipment you didn't expect to fund, we go ahead and send your full shipment out anyways, and then settle up during next month's order.

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