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Avengers comic books issue 366 1992-1994

  • Issue #366
    Avengers (1963 1st Series) 366

    Giant-size issue with gold foil embossed cover. "The First Rule!" Script by Bob Harras. Pencils by Steve Epting. Inks by Tom Palmer. Gold foil embossed cover by Steve Epting and Tom Palmer. This is it! Everything is on the line! The Mighty Avengers must stop the renegade Kree from exploding the Nega-Bomb…or the entire Earth will be destroyed! On a South Pacific island, the Kree are in complete control with three avengers and Deathcry as their prisoners! And the countdown clock is ticking down to detonation! But Earth's Mightiest Heroes have not yet begun to fight! The Black Widow, Magdalene, Sersi, Cap, and the rejuvenated Giant-Man (aka Hank Pym) rush to the pacific island base! And that's where the tremendous power of the Lion of Olympus and the enchanting Eternal begin to turn the tide! Can the Avengers sweep the Kree militants out to sea? And also find a way to contain the catastrophic Nega-Bomb? It's all or nothing for Earth's Mightiest Heroes! An excellent issue! Cameo appearance by the Collector. Avengers Lineup: Black Knight, Black Widow, Captain America, Crystal, Giant-Man, Hercules, Sersi, and the Vision. Second story: "Swordplay" Guest-starring the Bloodwraith and Deadpool. Script by Glenn Herdling. Pencils by Mike Gustovich. Inks by Ariane Lenshoek. Story continues in part from Avengers Annual 22. The Bloodwraith breaks up a bank robbery and fights two new super-villains called Foam and Flame! But the bloodlust of the ebony blade overwhelms the wraith and brings him into conflict with Deadpool! And their battle in the streets draws the attention of the Black Knight! Cameo appearance by Crystal. Final appearance of Victoria Bentley. (Notes: Admiral Galen Kor and his cohorts appear next in Avengers Strikefile. The back cover contains a pin-up of Captain America. This issue includes a full-page ad for the Avengers Sugar Babies Special Edition.) Cover price $3.95.

  • Issue #366DF.SIGNED
    Avengers (1963 1st Series) 366DF.SIGNED

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    Dynamic Forces Signed edition, signed by Tom Palmer with DF certificate of authenticity. Limited to 10,000 copies. Giant-size issue with gold foil embossed cover. "The First Rule!" Script by Bob Harras, pencils by Steve Epting, inks by Tom Palmer. Back-up story, "Swordplay," features the Bloodwraith, Deadpool, and the Black Knight. Script by Glenn Herdling, pencils by Mike Gustovich, inks by Ariane Lenshoek. Cover price $3.95.