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Defenders comic books issue 1 2000-2002

  • Issue #1
    Defenders (2001 2nd Series) 1
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    cover by erik larsen. erik larsen & kurt busiek/erik larsen/klaus janson. ? THE SCOOP: The Hulk! The Sub-Mariner! Silver Surfer! Dr. Strange! Marvel's #1 loners unite in this new ongoing series! ? THE STORY: A monster, an invader, an alien and a master of the dark arts. They're four of the world's most powerful and feared figures?and they like each other about as much as the rest of the Marvel Universe does! What force could make these loose cannons join as a team? Why must they band together in defense of our planet? And how will Nighthawk, Hellcat and the Valkyrie react to their alliance? Co-writer and penciler Erik Larsen isn't spilling any beans: "These characters don't really like each other. But Kurt Busiek came up with a neat idea of why they stay together. I won't say what it is... but it works really well. Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner, Hulk?all these guys have attacked the Earth. And then Dr. Strange is just creepy. When the Avengers show up, everyone says, 'Oh, good, the Avengers are here. They'll save us.' But the Defenders? When they show, everyone runs for their lives!" FC, 48pg Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #1DF.SIGNED
    Defenders (2001 2nd Series) 1DF.SIGNED

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    Limited to 1500. Autographed by Erik Larsen. Dynamic Forces Certificate of Authenticity. Cover price $2.99.

  • Issue #1
    Day of the Defenders (2001) 1
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    • Discounted from $2.20.

    A MARVEL Megazine. cover by erik larsen. roy thomas/ross andru, marie severin, herb trimpe ? THE SCOOP: In conjunction with DEFENDERS #1, Marvel reprints the hard-to-find stories that led to the formation of the "non-team"! ? THE STORY: First, Dr. Strange and Namor battle the Mindless Ones (from SUB-MARINER #22)! Then, the Master of the Mystic Arts and the Hulk team to confront the Night-Crawler (from INCREDIBLE HULK #126). Finally, all three Defenders unite for the first time (from MARVEL FEATURE #1)! Everyone is going to pick up DEFENDERS #1?but now you can go back in time and see how these three loose cannons first collided! ? THE FORMAT: It's the package that saves you time and money! If you wanted to read these three issues, you'd have to hunt them down and shell out up to $129.00?but we're collecting them in one handy 64-page comic and saving you a bundle at the same time! FC, 64pg Cover price $3.50.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Avengers/Defenders War TPB (2002 Marvel) 1st Edition 1-1ST
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    1st Edition - 1st printing. Collects Avengers (1963-1996 1st Series) #115-118 and Defenders (1972-1986 1st Series) #8-11.

    Written by Steve Englehart. Art by Bob Brown, Sal Buscema, Mike Esposito, Frank McLaughlin, Frank Bolle, and Frank Giacoia. Cover by Carlos Pacheco.

    It's hero versus hero when the mighty Avengers clash with the dynamic Defenders! The dread Dormammu forms a pact with the trickster Loki, and the results are disastrous! Now it's Silver Surfer vs. the Vision, Namor vs. Captain America, Hulk vs. Thor and much, much more!

    Softcover, 176 pages, full color.

    Cover price $14.95.

  • Issue #1-1ST
    Dungeons and Dragons Defenders of the Faith SC (2001 WotC) A Guidebook to Clerics and Paladins 1-1ST Dungeons and Dragons Defenders of the Faith SC (2001 WotC) A Guidebook to Clerics and Paladins 1-1ST
    • Discounted from $9.99.

    1st printing.

    By James Wyatt and Rich Redman.

    Divine dedication powers these crusaders.

    This book spotlights the champions of deities in the D&D game, clerics and paladins. It's packed with ways to customize cleric and paladin characters, including:
    o New feats, prestige classes, weapons, and equipment.
    o More uses for turning checks, and new magic items and spells designed specially for clerics and paladins.
    o Information about special organizations such as the Laughing Knives and the Stargazers.
    o Detailed maps of temples that players and Dungeon Masters can use as bases of operation or as enemy structures that must be brought down.

    Softcover, 8 1/2-in. x 11-in., 96 pages, full color.

    NOTE: Indispensable to both players and Dungeon Masters, this book adds excitement to any campaign.

    Cover price $19.95.