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Comic books in 'Maximum Clonage'

  • Issue #1
    Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Alpha (1995) 1
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    • Paper: White
    • Label #3853698024

    "...And the Jackal cries, "Death!" Maximum Clonage Part 1 of 6. Guest-starring the New Warriors. Plot by Tom DeFalco. Script by Todd Dezago. Pencils by Ron Lim. Inks by Al Milgrom. Wraparound acetate cover by Ron Lim and Terry Austin. Marveldom is in a state of shock after the stunning revelation in Spectacular Spider-Man 226 that Peter Parker is the Spider-Clone! Wow, where does the web-slinger go from here? Meanwhile in Springville, Pennsylvania; the Jackal releases his new and improved Carrion virus and kills the city's entire population! As news of the massacre spreads, the Scarlet Spider and the New Warriors rush to the keystone state! But so does Spidercide! In a forest just outside of town, the confusing battle takes place! The New Warriors vs. Spidercide vs. the Scarlet Spider! Can Ben Reilly convince the warriors that he's on their side before Spidercide escapes? And back in New York City, the wall-crawler climbs to the top of the Empire State Building and bumps into...the Jackal! Story continues in Web of Spider-Man 127. First appearance of Rafael Carago (aka Helix). Cameo appearances by Kaine, Mary Jane Watson, Walter Rosen, and the Punisher. New Warriors Lineup: Firestar, Justice, Powerpax, Speedball, and Turbo. (Notes: Elements of the plot crossover with New Warriors 61. Printed on glossy paper. There are not any advertisements inside.) 48 pages. Cover price $4.95.

  • Issue #61
    New Warriors (1990 1st Series) 61

    Written by Evan Skolnick. Art by Patrick Zircher. In this Maximum Clonage prologue, learn why everybody hates clones!. 32 pages, FC. Cover price $1.50.

  • Issue #127
    Web of Spider-Man (1985 1st Series) 127

    "The Last Temptation of Peter Parker" Maximum Clonage Part 2 of 6. Guest-starring the Punisher. Script by Todd Dezago. Pencils by Steven Butler. Inks by Randy Emberlin. Cover by Steven Butler. Story continues from Maximum Clonage Alpha (1995) 1. At the top of the Empire State Building, a despondent Spider-Man agrees to join forces with the Jackal. The wall-crawler feels like he has nowhere else to go after learning that he is the Spider-Clone (in Spectacular Spider-Man 226). Meanwhile the Punisher is roaming the streets below looking for the Jackal! Frank Castle still wants to pay him back for the events of Amazing Spider-Man 129 many years ago! When the sharp-shooting Punisher gets the Jackal in his crosshairs, the web-slinger leaps into action! Will the amazing one actually risk his own life to save the Jackal's? Story continues in Amazing Spider-Man 404. Cameo appearances by Mary Jane Watson, Anna Watson, and Kaine. 32 pages. Cover price $1.50.

  • Issue #404
    Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) 404

    Cover pencils by Mark Bagley, inks by Larry Mahlstedt. The Scarlet Spider guest stars in Maximum Clonage part 3, "In the Name of the Father," script by J. M. DeMatteis (plot) and Todd Dezago (script), pencils by Mark Bagley, inks by Larry Mahlstedt, Joe Rubinstein, and Randy Emberlin; Spider-Man takes the Jackal, shot by the Punisher, to his lab, placing him in a regeneration tank (WoSM #127, '95); When Ben arrives and tries to console him, Peter lashes out; Spidercide steps in and pummels Ben while Kaine releases the now-healed Jackal. Kaine has supported Peter and tormented Ben because he wanted a clone to triumph over the original and blames the Jackal for revealing the "truth"; However, the Jackal gains Kaine's support by promising to cure his degeneration process; Soon, the Jackal, Ben, Peter, Kaine, and Spidercide come together with Ben attacking the Jackal. The story continues from Web of Spider-Man 127 and continues in Spider-Man 61. 36 pgs., full color. $1.50. Cover price $1.50.

  • Issue #61
    Spider-Man (1990) 61
    Published Aug 1995 by Marvel.

    "Heading Towards Omega" Maximum Clonage Part 4 of 6. Script by Howard Mackie. Pencils by Tom Lyle. Inks by Chris Ivy. Cover by Tom Lyle. Story continues from Amazing Spider-Man 404. Inside the Jackal's Brooklyn lair, the Scarlet Spider battles an army of spider-clones! And since he's vastly outnumbered, Ben Reilly needs help to stay alive! Auspiciously inside the Parkers' brownstone, Mary Jane convinces Kaine to go fight alongside the Scarlet Spider! Meanwhile, the Jackal dispatches his new ally, the wondrous wall-crawler, to bring the Gwen Stacy clone to his lair! All the interested parties, clones and non-clones, are coming together for a rendezvous with destiny! Story continues in Spectacular Spider-Man 227. Cameo appearance by Spidercide. 32 pages. Cover price $1.95.

  • Issue #227
    Spectacular Spider-Man (1976 1st Series) 227

    "If Death Be My Destiny..." Maximum Clonage Part 5 of 6. Script by Tom DeFalco. Art by Sal Buscema (breakdowns) and Bill Sienkiewicz (finishes). Cover by Sal Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz. Story continues from Spider-Man 61. In the Jackal's secret laboratory, the final battle lines are drawn! The Scarlet Spider and Kaine vs. the Jackal, Spidercide, and an army of web-slinging clones! Hopelessly outnumbered Ben and Kaine need a small miracle to survive! But the Jackal may have a surprise traitor in his midst! Sometimes clones have a mind of their own! Meanwhile Mary Jane uses a spider tracer to contact her missing husband! And thankfully Peter finally returns home! However he brings the Gwen Stacy clone with him! How will MJ react to seeing her long-lost friend? Story concludes in Maximum Clonage Omega (1995) 1. Cameo appearances by the New Warriors and Helix. 32 pages. Cover price $1.50.

  • Issue #1
    Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Omega (1995) 1
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    • Paper: White
    • Label #3853698023

    "The End of the Beginning!" Maximum Clonage Part 6 of 6. Script by Tom Lyle. Art by Robert Brown (pp. 1-24, breakdowns), Roy Burdine (pp. 25-38, breakdowns), Mark Bagley (pp. 39-42, breakdowns), Tom Lyle (pp. 43-48, breakdowns), Sam de la Rosa (pp. 1-27, finishes); Randy Emberlin (pp. 28-38, finishes); Al Milgrom (pp. 39-42, finishes); and Scott Hanna (pp. 43-48, finishes). Wraparound foil cover by Robert Brown and Terry Austin. Story continues from Spectacular Spider-Man 227. The situation has come down to this! Atop the Daily Bugle Building; the Amazing Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker), Mary Jane, the Scarlet Spider (aka Ben Reilly), and the Gwen Stacy clone lay it all on the line to eradicate the evil of the Jackal once and for all! Can the combined might and determination of the foursome, both the clones and the non-clones, finally silence the Jackal (and defuse his carrion virus bomb)? Or will Professor Miles Warren's devious alter-ego continue to haunt Peter and Ben and their loved ones forever? An epic conclusion! Cameo appearances by J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson, Scrier, and Spidercide. (Notes: Elements of the plot continue in Web of Spider-Man 128. Following the Maximum Clonage storyline; the Jackal, Spidercide, and Gwen Stacy clone exit the second clone saga. Printed on glossy paper. There are not any advertisements inside. This story was reprinted in 2010 in the trade paperback: Amazing Spider-Man The Complete Clone Saga Epic #4.) 48 pages. Cover price $4.95.