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Comic books in 'Spider-Man Sinister Six Strike'

  • Issue #9
    Spider-Man Unlimited (1993 1st Series) 9

    "Unholy Alliances!" The Mark of Kaine Part 5 of 5. Script by Tom Lyle. Pencils by Ron Lim, Ron Garney, and Tod Smith. Pencils by Tom Palmer, Randy Emberlin, Tim Tuohy, Al Milgrom, Jimmy Palmiotti, Klaus Janson, Sam de la Rosa, and Don Hudson. Cover by Ron Lim and Al Milgrom. Story continues from Spectacular Spider-Man 224. Fearing an attack from Kaine, seven of the web-slinger's greatest foes combine forces for their mutual protection...and Kaine's mutual destruction! The Hobgoblin brings together the Beetle, Electro, Mysterio, Scorpia, Shocker, and the Vulture to scour the city and locate Kaine! The search takes a while, but eventually the septet of super-villains finds their man! Will the Sinister Seven regret engaging the powerful Kaine? The Amazing Spider-Man (dressed as the Scarlet Spider) joins the mêlée to prevent Kaine from giving anyone his fatal mark! Meanwhile, the Black Cat travels to Ryker's Island prison to meet with Peter Parker! However Felicia doesn't realize she's actually talking to Ben Reilly! A few hours later after Felicia returns home, a surprise visitor knocks on her door...Mary Jane! An excellent issue! Cameo appearances by J. Jonah Jameson, Joe Robertson, Scrier, Seward Trainer, and Stunner. (Notes: This issue includes a full-page ad for the Avengers: History in the Breaking storyline (aka The Crossing). This issue is printed on glossy paper.) 64 pages. Cover price $3.95.