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Comic books in 'AD&D: Spell Games'

  • Issue #13
    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1988) 13

    Spell Games: Part 1 of 4. "Shackles of the Past!" Written by Dan Mishkin. Art by Jan Duursema. Vajra's past has come back to haunt her. Once she was a slave, forced to fight as a gladiator in the Manshaka Arena of Blood. She thought that past was far behind her...she was wrong. Plus, the boy who was under Conner's protection has also been kidnaped. Cover price $1.50.

  • Issue #15
    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1988) 15

    Spell Games: Part 3 of 4. "Cat & Mouse!" Written by Dan Mishkin. Art by Jan Duursema. Vajra has returned to Manshaka and, once again, is forced to fight in the Arena of Blood. Can she survive long enough to find escape, not just for herself, but for the child as well. Well first, she'll have to get past a sardonic silver dragon! Cover price $1.50.

  • Issue #16
    Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (1988) 16

    Spell Games: Part 4 of 4. "The Last Betrayal!" Written by Dan Mishkin. Art by Jan Duursema. Conner is dead, the Manshaka Slavers have surrounded her, plus Vajra is ultimately betrayed by the one person she trusted more than anyone else. Even the Catlord is powerless to stop them. The only one that can save them now is the last person they expected to see again. Includes character sheet and information (to be used for the TSR Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game) for the Location: Calimshan and the City of Manshaka. NOTE: When this issue was released in March of 1990 it included a pull-out "Human's Guide to the Night Breed," a movie written by horror master Clive Barker (Hellraizer, Weaveworld). Cover price $1.50.